gm tailor

F [a] C E
06-08-2007, 23:59
K so i've been on about having GMed tailoring for like ever now and am in the middle of mass production for sale on my Pwn Shop vendor (which is a huge ****ing mess) ...

i can crank out leather sets at a rate of about 2-3 per 100 leather **average -- uo likes to be streaky**

studded sets take more.. a lot more. think 3-500ish if you want to get a full exceptional setout of the pile :| you might get 3 out of it but don't count on that, please.


there is a box in the gh that has some leather and bones and **** in it. i'm throwing sets i make for you all in there to clear up bank weight and just 'cause i can \m/..

so , yeah, any requests dont hesitate and ill make em when i get the chance/have enough materials.

06-09-2007, 01:57
hey face, im thinkin bout setting vendors in my house a few steps from yews moongate if your interested in putting a vendor there