[Provoking] Good place for semi-attended macroing

06-08-2007, 17:03
Britain sewers

There're bridges that section off groups of rats so they can't attack each other

of course someone's going to end up stealing your instruments and/or killing you... which is why i say to check up on your macroing every so often so you aren't just sitting there dead the whole time

not really a breakthrough or anything, but it's worth a shot. I'm testing it out to see how it works in the long run. 3-4 hours so far and i've died once. might not be as good as trapping things in your house, but I don't have a house :(

06-08-2007, 17:13
I have a really good spot, but you need 10-20 taming so you can get the animals into it, I have been at this spot for 3 days doing different macros and no one has bothered me or killed me