Mouse scroll not working in macros

06-06-2007, 19:35
I know it should be, but it's not. I want to set "target self" to scroll back, and "last target" to scroll forward.

Anybody have any idea why this isn't working? It works on the web, scrolling bars up and down, just not in game, when I try to set it as the hot key. I NEED this for PvP or I'm gonna be uber gimped.

F [a] C E
06-06-2007, 19:50
try setting it as a Hotkey in razor? that works fine for me.

06-06-2007, 20:43
Don't set macros in-game. Set it in razor. Anything on the mouse, or to the right of your keyboard will not work with in-game macros. They will be reset after next login.

06-06-2007, 23:22
Ahh forgot about using razor for hotkeys, thanks.