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  3. I thought it came after the 2 bad prequels
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  15. The Holonet
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  29. Sigh, racial traits added
  30. ****, I am getting jazzed to play this
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  33. NDA Lifted
  34. Bounty Hunter VS Jedi
  35. Anyone have access this weekend they won't be using?
  36. Ah ****, this game is fun as ****
  37. Republic sure is tempting now...
  38. Good news if you played the Beta this weekend; you have the release!
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  47. Less then 12 hours
  48. - wowhead for TOR!
  49. How to enable anti-aliasing
  50. Im on Veera Republic.
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  52. Republic and Imperial Server?
  53. Kind of players per faction
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  56. is the game worth buying y/n
  57. If you're on a PvE server, what is world PvP like?
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  66. My list of questions so Im better at this game.
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  68. Thinking about a Shadow "combat" PVP spec
  69. UI Mods
  70. Anyone playing on Anchorhead?
  71. Which server is East Coast?
  72. If you havent tried space missions, you're missing out on free XP
  73. Ventrilo
  74. Ability Delay Adressed
  75. How do you guys keep track of the metric ass ton of abilities?
  76. So I'm Level 50. Now what?
  77. Farming Magenta Crystals
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  79. Nice 1.1 Write up on all features etc being added (holy ****)
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  82. Ilum Response (a.k.a. "We done goof'd")
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  84. Server info (pops etc)
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  86. 1.1.0B
  87. Blow your mind with info about everything from Crafting matrixes to Gear optimization
  88. Nothing quite like a Friday night patch at midnight pst....
  89. FPS improvements
  90. How to jump the gap in Voidstar
  91. 1.1.2
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  93. SWTOR Active Subscriber Numbers finally revealed
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  95. Hmmm... Disc 3
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  98. Yo is this game dying or is it just me?
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  100. So apparently the game is dying
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  106. just subscribed 20 days ago...
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  109. "Free Flight" Space Combat added!
  110. I finally finished all 8 classes.
  111. Anyone here on The Bastion?
  112. Shadow of Revan
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