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Sony to Cut PlayStation 2 Price to $99.99

Submitted by: KnightMare @ 10:37 AM | Tuesday, March 31, 2009 | (url: http://www.pcmag....)

Sony said Tuesday that it plans to cut the price of its last-generation PlayStation 2 to $99.99 on April 1, allowing a greater number of consumers to play PlayStation games.

Some sort of Sony announcement had been expected for several days, although the news may underwhelm gamers, most if not all already own a PlayStation 2. The move was announced by Sony's John Koller, director of hardware marketing, on a company blog.

By cutting the price, Sony apparently wants to take advantage of a principle called elasticity of demand, which says that unit sales increase as the price decreases. However, Sony has already sold over 50 million PlayStation 2s in the United States alone. The PlayStation 2 is also nearly a decade old, having launched in Oct. 2000 in the United States.

PS2 controller frankengrafted to PSP

Submitted by: Xionic @ 03:06 AM | Monday, March 5, 2007 | (url: http://www.engadg...)

A user by the name of F00 f00 has managed to successfully graft a full size PlayStation 2 controller -- not that junk-ass rumble-free PS3 affair -- to the rear end of his PSP. Homebrew and emulation will certainly benefit from the addition, but it's pretty clear that any PSP so heavily jacked into and expanded upon would be best suited for showing off on forums where cred and props far outweigh everyday usefulness.