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Halo Online Announced... as a Russia exclusive

Submitted by: Rooster128 @ 03:42 PM | Wednesday, March 25, 2015 | (url:

Halo Online will launch this spring, only in Russia. It's designed to run well on lower-end PCs. There's no campaign mode, but the game is set on a secret UNSC space station called "Anvil" where Spartans train together and test new technology.

During the upcoming closed beta, the developers will monitor and adjust gameplay, features, and the in-game economy.

There are no plans to bring Halo Online to the Xbox One.

Tiny nano science to test Russia's big hi-tech ambitions

Submitted by: Shadow(of)Death @ 12:30 AM | Sunday, June 15, 2008 | (url:

SAINT PETERSBURG (AFP) - In the world's largest country, tiny objects measured in billionths of a metre are the future of the economy -- or so the government claims.

Scientists across Russia are setting their minds to new inventions to net some of the billions of state dollars being poured into the field of nanotechnology. But they remain sceptical after years of neglect by the government.

Thermal cameras to detect breast cancer, sensors for spotting pipeline leaks and special coatings to prolong the life of industrial equipment were among the nano-devices on display at a business forum in Saint Petersburg this month.