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Steamworks Development Kit Available

Submitted by: OtakuMark @ 11:37 PM | Saturday, May 3, 2008 | (url: http://planethalf...)

Steamworks, the Steam-based tool that gives developers access to auto-updating, anti-cheat/hacking technologies, key authentication and management, social networking, and much more has been made accessible by all. Steamworks is offered free of charge to anyone who wishes to use it.

Deploy NoFix at waypoint.

How Valve is revitalising PC gaming

Submitted by: OtakuMark @ 08:16 AM | Friday, March 28, 2008 | (url: http://www.comput...)

"We're talking about Valve becoming the platform holder and guardian of the PC as a gaming system over the next two years," says Stephen Gaffney, Business Development Manager of Splash Damage.


With 15 million customers, their digital delivery platform has already taken on a life of its own: through it you can buy all of Valve's releases and over 250 third-party games, while it also takes care of multiplayer matchmaking, voice chat, stats collection, anti-piracy measures and sales tracking.

Steam Reaches 15 Million Accounts+PVK II Beta 2.0 Released!

Submitted by: OtakuMark @ 06:51 PM | Thursday, February 7, 2008 | (url: http://planethalf...)

The popularity of Steam and Steam-based games can't be argued with more than fifteen million active accounts being used as well as a year-over-year sales growth of 158% through the holiday season.

BONUS: PVK II Beta 2.0 Released!

Valve's 10-year war to rule online gaming continues to march forward

Submitted by: OtakuMark @ 02:10 PM | Thursday, January 31, 2008 | (url: http://planethalf...)

Valve has announced Steamworks, a way for publishers and developers to benefit from the features available at the Steam platform, whether they have chosen to publish their games on Steam or not. Steamworks is not engine-specific, and will help save development time and eliminate technology licensing fees.

Some of the features include:
# Auto-updating
# Game stats collection and display
# Multiplayer Matchmaking
# Key-based authentication and anti-piracy protection
# Rapid and secure build distribution
# Testing & usability data collection