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Waypoint Manager Update

Submitted by: figgs @ 11:19 AM | Sunday, June 18, 2000 | (url: )

Crunchy sent this e-mail over about updates to his Waypoint Manager script:

I've updated Waypoint Manager in response to some requests. I've added a new menu which has all the waypoint commands in it, so that you could use just one key for the script. I've added an option to use a proper waypoint clear, the caveat is that it forces a team say. To get around this the script filters out the team say, it also filters out the message "!AP Off" produced by MrPoops AutoPoint. For some reason the filter doesn't work for your client, only for messages from other players, so you will still see youself saying a blank message. This method avoids the flickering compass that has
been annoying ppl.
Check it out at Crunchy's Scripts


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