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Chrisaveli on TsN

Submitted by: Beatstick @ 05:38 PM | Saturday, June 17, 2000 | (url: )

Wonderdog sends this in:

"That's right, break out the champagne and pre-wrapped sausages for the "official" debut of Chrisavelli. Dress code in effect as he perfoms his self produced classics:

"Wonderdog and Beatstick Suck"
"Pubknight sucks" (originally titled "My Show Is Better")
"Mega Boris sucks"
"Tassadar sucks"
"]CkB[ guys that work at the station sucks"

Don't miss out on your chance to interact with "Crooner" Chrisavelli, starting on Saturday night! Stay tuned to #tsn in irc.dynamix.com at port 6667."

Chris will be on tonite at 10 pm est. Http://tsn.tribalwar.com


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