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Net Neutrality: Attorney Generals from 22 states appeal FCC's repeal

Submitted by: Amadeus @ 01:17 PM | Wednesday, January 17, 2018 | (url: https://www.youtu...)

Leonard French, your facourite copyright attorney, explains all the juicy legal details.

Basically, their argument is that the FCC is part of the administrative branch and as such doesn't get to just make new shit up, that's what Congress is for.

01-18-18 - 01:15 AM
lie not lay

~just speaking up 4 a friend~
01-18-18 - 01:18 AM
i must admit i would like a big reeses cup as well the logic is unassailable
01-18-18 - 01:19 AM
Originally posted by aScotiA  
lay down and accept your asskicking

the american way according to tele

resistance is futile. send the fee for your barcode by labor day or it's soylent green at the labor camps for you!

accept it like we did telecom cable tv monopolies

and line lines

two other extinct dinosaurs who wanted to dictate terms and not keep up with demand/innovation

nobody gets to dictate markets is the point and purpose

not even our major isps here soon

and cute analogy btw

give that this is what you think was a better choice than Trump


sometimes i think your goals might be to ruin your environment

you just can't help yourself
01-18-18 - 01:40 AM
I was Bernie's first pitchman on TW. I wrote him in. I'd think you would remember this because I've reminded you at least twice that you were also pro-Bernie before you decided that he doesn't mesh well with your e-persona. You may have even gone so far as to say you would vote for him at the time. When I last mentioned this you said, "i likely didn't realize bernie was an old jew who would bankrupt everything he touched before then." That sounds like you right? (the last part I mean). My favorite Tele backpedal.

You really do have a knack for changing the subject when your argument is weak as shit though. Just like Trump, "BUT HILLARY!!!" How did net neutrality turn into Hillary?
01-18-18 - 01:46 AM
Originally posted by aScotiA  
If disparate/unfair bandwidth usage between respective corporations is the root of the problem, aren't there other ways to legislate a solution which isn't so implicitly detrimental to consumers?

It's not a shift in attitude, it's pointing out facts. This is simply two sets of billionaire corporations arguing over who gets more money. No matter which side "wins" you will not see a reduction in your costs as a consumer. They use a term like "neutrality" so you think of something as balanced and fair, yet you've probably only had a single ISP choice your entire life, pay for a certain bandwidth tier, and have had access to the internet throttled or denied thousands of times without ever realizing it. You might think it's about the gifs, but it's not, and it's been co-opted by the crazies. For example, google net neutrality and you'll be immediately directed to this:

Net Neutrality: What You Need to Know Now | Free Press

Here are some notable highlights from it.

Originally posted by aScotiA  
What will happen to the internet now?

Without the Net Neutrality rules, companies like AT&T, Comcast and Verizon will be able to call all the shots and decide which websites, content and applications succeed.

These companies can now slow down their competitorsí content or block political opinions they disagree with. They can charge extra fees to the few content companies that can afford to pay for preferential treatment ó relegating everyone else to a slower tier of service.

The consequences will be particularly devastating for marginalized communities media outlets have misrepresented or failed to serve. People of color, the LGBTQ community, indigenous peoples and religious minorities in the United States rely on the open internet to organize, access economic and educational opportunities, and fight back against systemic discrimination.

Without Net Neutrality, how will activists be able to fight oppression? What will happen to social movements like the Movement for Black Lives? How will the next disruptive technology, business or company emerge if internet service providers let only incumbents succeed?

Originally posted by aScotiA  
Why is Net Neutrality so crucial for communities of color?

The open internet allows people of color to tell their own stories and organize for racial justice. When activists are able to turn out thousands of people in the streets at a momentís notice, itís because ISPs arenít allowed to block their messages or websites.

The mainstream media have long misrepresented, ignored and harmed people of color. And thanks to systemic racism, economic inequality and runaway media consolidation, people of color own just a handful of broadcast stations.

This dynamic will only get worse: In 2017, Chairman Pai demolished most of the remaining media-ownership rules. The lack of diverse ownership is a primary reason why the media have gotten away with criminalizing and dehumanizing communities of color.

The open internet allows people of color and other vulnerable communities to bypass traditional media gatekeepers. Without Net Neutrality, ISPs could block speech and prevent dissident voices from speaking freely online. Without Net Neutrality, people of color would lose a vital platform.

And without Net Neutrality, millions of small businesses owned by people of color wouldnít be able to compete against larger corporations online, which would deepen economic disparities.

So while this should be a fairly straightforward case of monopoly ISP's wanting to charge more money for major content providers like Netflix who use 35% of all bandwidth, it has been turned into an ideological argument. Be careful, or the evil ISPs who aren't owned by transwomen of color will start banning LGBT and people of color from the internet. It's happened before, it will happen again!
01-18-18 - 01:52 AM
01-18-18 - 01:53 AM
Originally posted by aScotiA  
you were also pro-Bernie before you decided that he doesn't mesh well with your e-persona.

at some point, much as with Elizabeth Warren, you realize that people actually point out issues, criticize topics, in order to become a populist champion against it.......... a very well paid champion and spokesman against it.

and then you realize that the money they make from this is worth far more to them than those topics they fought against and certainly means more to more to them than the reasoning they said they once ran for office

until they sell out so hard they betray all they ever said they stood for

Bush and Clinton were already there.......Bernie seemed reasonable by comparison

we see that from time to time with some of Trump's actions (which I dislike)

but when we inspect Sander's actions vs. words we see he is no different than them

Sanders Fraud Family: Claims of Nepotism over a “Sweetheart Deal” for Bernie Sanders’ Step-Daughter


Bernie and Jane Sanders, under FBI investigation for bank fraud, hire lawyers - CBS News


Venezuela: The True Face of Bernie Sanders | al fin next level



and lastly (but most importantly)

Bernie Sanders endorses Hillary Clinton - CNNPolitics

guy got measurably and provably fucked out of the primary and bent over backwards for the person who robbed him

what he would have done for our country became more than suspect to me since then


and would be for you if you could be honest with yourself

Originally posted by aScotiA  
You really do have a knack for changing the subject when your argument is weak as shit though.

could even follow your own bad distraction accusations and derailment

but u poor little bernie bot.......you just want free shit and equality and fairness so bad

[spoiler]instead you got more of this


life is real hard when you this lazy and dumb......demand others fight your battles, protect you, and make the big boy life decisions on your behalf
01-18-18 - 02:05 AM
Originally posted by havax  



Freedom Post > Hillary Clinton search terms show pro-Hillary bias by Google |

ohhhhh this is what we are fighting over protecting

i will pass
01-18-18 - 02:42 AM
Originally posted by Fool  
Be careful, or the evil ISPs who aren't owned by transwomen of color will start banning LGBT and people of color from the internet. It's happened before, it will happen again!
That's a pretty large logical leap to make IMO. I agree with your general point that this particular website seems to have an embedded message which goes beyond support for net neutrality. There's nothing wrong with that, but they aren't forthcoming with their secondary agenda. They probably paid to get to the top of Google search results (after Wikipedia). So I take your point but most people probably click Wikipedia first tbh.

The way I see things, the telecoms (as much as I hate them) are actually getting screwed. They deal with the massive overhead to manage the infrastructure and to constantly improve it. Meanwhile, Netflix et al. run roughshod over it and reap most of the benefits with significantly simpler business models. There are two ways to rectify this; either the Netflixes of the world start paying their fair share, or the consumers pay it for them.

Obviously, we know what their preferences are. Although telecom has a rocky relationship with the bandwidth hogs, in reality they are codependent. They have an incentive not to go to war with each other. Someone has to pay, and we know it will be us if the government doesn't regulate reasonably.

If the repeal goes through, the landscape won't change overnight. It will be a slow gradual change that hardly anyone will notice until we're all shelling out $150/month for internet service which replaces cable TV infrastructure but ensures that we're paying slightly more than we paid last year (plus an adjustment for inflation).

If we can stave off that dystopia for a few more years, that's where I'll hang my hat.
01-18-18 - 02:54 AM
and if we are real lucky

There are two ways to rectify this; either the Netflixes of the world start paying their fair share, or the consumers pay it for them.

we will pay more for both at the same time

that is more aligned with the world i am used to living in tbh

prices keep going up quality keeps going down

costs go up but nothing i am paying for (in multiple ways) seems to be paying for it

so i am charged again
01-18-18 - 03:58 AM
was this posted here i am not sure

01-18-18 - 12:25 PM
Originally posted by clu  
was this posted here i am not sure


I feel like there is a lot of good advice in this post for a few of you guys to read (but likely will not)

Originally posted by clu  
The best part is they never learn. They leave their Socialist hellhole hacienda and turn yours into one next.

It is truly frustrating how these lemmings just keep voting for Socialism and big gov, continuing over the cliff as the one percent gobbles them up. I got into a bitter argument with my father the other day, where he blamed the rich and that republicans were all about screwing the poor. I said that's right, bc republicans and democrats are statists who are bought and paid for by the rich, and that putting all of your eggs into big gov just makes it easier for them to screw you. But the idiot kept defending FDR and Barack Obama, even though I told him how Social Insecurity has essentially been robbed, Obozo bailed out the banks, and the Wage gap is larger than before. Guy was red faced literally defending the state to tears. I couldn't effin believe it.

There is no helping these people. They are literally shooting themselves in the head. It's just like in Swedanstan. Its sickening, like watching a suicide.

the amusing part is that these type of people often make fun of others because of their "religion" and "blind faith".........i hope you can appreciate the humor in that after seeing it from another perspective
01-18-18 - 12:34 PM
i read it and it doesn't make any sense (like a lot of the other advice in this thread) what's you're point?
01-18-18 - 12:34 PM
Originally posted by havax  

Boy itís almost like the solution to all of ur bitching is contained within this image macro
01-18-18 - 12:39 PM
Originally posted by Ztir  
Boy itís almost like the solution to all of ur bitching is contained within this image macro

u faggots are always stating how ridiculous it would be to go against amazon/google and boycott them because of how pointless it is because they are too large now. yet, you say this is the answer. fuck u.
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