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Net Neutrality: Attorney Generals from 22 states appeal FCC's repeal

Submitted by: Amadeus @ 01:17 PM | Wednesday, January 17, 2018 | (url: https://www.youtu...)

Leonard French, your facourite copyright attorney, explains all the juicy legal details.

Basically, their argument is that the FCC is part of the administrative branch and as such doesn't get to just make new shit up, that's what Congress is for.

01-25-18 - 12:55 AM
01-25-18 - 12:56 AM
My internet bill has already tripled and the gifs are stuttering
01-25-18 - 01:32 AM
whopper neutrality is back, that shit was so crazy back in 2015
01-25-18 - 01:33 AM
last time i had a whopper, i could still taste the phony smoke flavoring when i belched the next day :sick:
01-25-18 - 01:42 AM
The trick to quality internet is the flame broiling
01-25-18 - 01:47 AM
i dont think net neutrality means what some people think it means
01-25-18 - 01:51 AM
Not sure why, it's exactly the same as chicken fries.
01-25-18 - 09:06 PM
I thought about this. Burger King should shut the fuck up. They have a Whopper and a Whopper Junior for people that don't want that much Whopper. The whole thing is stupid. BK should STFU and try to make better burgers rather than to try to cutesy their way into more customers.
01-25-18 - 09:12 PM
doesn't anyone hate having to pay 42$ for a high priority big mac way back in 2015
01-25-18 - 09:24 PM
wat i hate is when they put 2 much lettuce on the big mac
01-25-18 - 09:49 PM
bro u can always brush off that freeze dried lettuce but what if there isn't enough secret sauce dawg
01-26-18 - 12:09 PM
but what if all the secret sauce is STUCK TO THE LETTUCE
01-26-18 - 12:23 PM
01-26-18 - 12:28 PM
Originally posted by Pagy  
doesn't anyone hate having to pay 42$ for a high priority big mac way back in 2015

I got a couple of Big Macs a while back, and instead of putting two meat patties on the sandwich, I'm assuming the cook ran out or low or something, so he put one patty on the top of each, and a fuckton of lettuce on the bottom.

Haven't been back since.
01-26-18 - 12:34 PM
Burger King is probably secretly hoping for Burger Neutrality to stop it's drastic decline.
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