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[WW3] North Korea fires missile over Japan in 'unprecedented threat'

Submitted by: Edofnor @ 10:29 PM | Monday, August 28, 2017 | (url: http://http://www...)

North Korea has fired a missile over northern Japan in a move Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe called an "unprecedented" threat to his country.

The missile, launched early on Tuesday Korean time, flew over Hokkaido island before crashing into the sea.

The UN Security Council is expected to hold an emergency meeting in response.


No effort was made by the Japanese to shoot down the missile but it issued a safety warning telling citizens in Hokkaido to take shelter in "a sturdy building or basement".

US and Japanese forces are currently taking part in training drills in Hokkaido.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in ordered a show of "overwhelming" force in response to the launch. Four South Korean jets staged a live bombing drill on Tuesday.

Mr Abe said he had spoken to US President Donald Trump and that both agreed to increase pressure on North Korea.

Mr Abe called the launch an "outrageous act" and an "unprecedented, serious and grave threat [that] greatly damages regional peace and security".

He said his government was doing its utmost to protect people's lives.

North Korea's conventional and nuclear weapons programmes are a breach of international sanctions, so the test is being seen as a major provocation and an escalation of tensions on the Korean peninsula.


In other reaction:

A meeting of South Korea's National Security Council (NSC) was convened to discuss the issue, Yonhap reported.
British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson expressed "outrage" at North Korea's "reckless provocation".
Australia has condemned the launch as a "provocative, dangerous, destabilising and threatening act".
The Pentagon said that Tuesday's test did not represent a threat to the US and the military was now working to gather more intelligence about it.

08-29-17 - 07:14 AM
Strikes me as the action of a child: seeing how far he can push authority, testing limits of what we will accept.
08-29-17 - 07:15 AM
08-30-17 - 12:24 AM
08-30-17 - 12:57 AM
DAMN that's gotta hurt
08-30-17 - 12:59 AM
i love that gif

but ya that must have been brutal
08-30-17 - 01:06 AM
08-30-17 - 01:08 AM
Originally posted by ArakAtak  
Why? The USA dropped a couple of nukes on Japanese cities and no one went ape shit on them for it.

You're an idiot.
08-30-17 - 01:08 AM
kim jong un is mr misses

08-30-17 - 01:09 AM
As far as I understand the missile broke up and landed in the sea in pieces, i.e. NK has no control over their stuff yet. It can break up and land anywhere, like on somebody's house in Hokkaido killing people. That could possible trigger an SHTF event. China has said that if NK attacks first they are on their own, but would civilian deaths caused by a broken missile be an attack or a clumsy accident? I have pondered over this a bit.
08-30-17 - 03:07 AM
false flag is just too damn easy at this point.
08-30-17 - 03:20 AM
08-30-17 - 03:48 AM
Originally posted by Dangerdoggie  
false flag is just too damn easy at this point.

Would you be saying this if those missiles hit Japan with nukes?

Do we really have to wait to get slapped first?
08-30-17 - 04:10 AM
Japan doesn't need a nuclear missile to hit them, they've nuked themselves.

I don't think we should bypass the usual rules to the game, UN goons approval and all that.
08-30-17 - 07:20 AM
everytime this guy does anything you guys scream ww3. now that i think about it you do the same everytime the president does somethign to.
08-30-17 - 08:17 AM
US navy sighted approaching NK:

"All show, no go."

... maintaining tensions if the key to healthy budgets, nothing scares
up cash for us like a well organized threat.
-Rears Admiral Cani Corkurbutt
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