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Judgement day COMETH: More destroyed NASA data, Apollo

Submitted by: Togowack @ 12:39 AM | Friday, July 21, 2017 | (url: https://motherboa...)

If there is a God, we will find out about these missions, once and for all, before the end of days!!!

07-21-17 - 12:46 AM
Wasn't trying to make a thread just a news article. In any case, we evangelicals, expect some space news soon, they will use it to distract from Hillary trials!!!
07-21-17 - 12:54 AM
i assure u nothing is going to distract me from the hillary trials!!
07-21-17 - 12:56 AM
There is much to know, and Hillary a knows a lot. I can't understand how the population will even take it in. To top it off, Kim Clement says Hillary is going to spill it all, she will become their worst enemy.

Righteous vindication to the 'conspiracy theorists' who have been studying the moon and Mars, Iapetus and Pluto, their whole lives.
07-21-17 - 01:13 AM
buddy those are just the places the govt wants you to study

the real interesting activity happens on miranda and triton where they study the aliens that built the pyramids
07-21-17 - 01:13 AM
If the aliens come during the Hillary trials they all just have to sit down and shut up until it's all over.
07-21-17 - 01:14 AM
will be soon.
07-21-17 - 01:59 AM
Shut up togo
07-21-17 - 04:45 AM
Remember how your December 21, 2012 predictions went? How bout your blood moon predictions? What makes you think this will go any differently?
07-21-17 - 08:59 AM
there is no judgement day

the bible is a corrupted translation of a translation of an oral tradition
07-21-17 - 10:35 AM
What is the point of this thread?
07-21-17 - 11:32 AM
Did you even read the fucking article? Ye gods, man...
07-21-17 - 11:49 AM
dude why are you posting "news"
07-22-17 - 09:29 PM
How about that Ixian spaceport that turned out to be a subway stop in Urkutz? :ralf:
07-22-17 - 10:09 PM
I graphed out Togos posting frequency and it looks like this:
07-22-17 - 10:20 PM
Originally posted by SeVeReD  
If the aliens come during the Hillary trials they all just have to sit down and shut up until it's all over.

the big reveal will be her shedding the human flesh suit and exposing her true lizard form.
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