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Solar Roadways: An Engineering FAILURE

Submitted by: Odio @ 09:59 AM | Friday, May 19, 2017 | (url: http://interestin...)

Remember Solar Roadways? As a fresh reminder, Solar Roadways became massively viral a few years ago after claiming to be the end-all solution to the global energy crisis. The idea was to implement solar panels into the road to produce electricity. The panels allegedly were also going to light up the roads with different LED patterns replacing painted lines. For the winter, heating coils could melt snow and ice- all while generating electricity and requiring less maintenance. It seems too good to be true. And as it turns out, it is.

After years of development and millions of dollars (including government funding), all of the solar roadways installed today produce cost-effective energy production. The roads are expensive and produce far less electricity than what could be produced if the money was used on a solar farm- or by simply placing them by the side of the road. However, it is not the only flaw in turning roads into giant solar panels.

05-19-17 - 10:01 AM
We should just get it over with and make roads out of bacon.
05-19-17 - 10:55 AM
u can't make a roadway out of bacon

cool story tho
05-19-17 - 12:36 PM
goshin the dogfucking dipshit will be disappointed
05-19-17 - 12:51 PM
i dunno
france and denmark have done it


also 2 months old, didnt you already make this thread back then

and your link is dead
05-19-17 - 12:59 PM
so are your dreams
05-19-17 - 01:02 PM
idk i moved on bro
im team fusion now

like DBZ style
05-19-17 - 01:04 PM
DBZ fusion didn't work tho. way too many limits to make it practical
05-19-17 - 01:07 PM
DBZ fusion HAH totally worked

just gotta wear an earring and touch tips
05-19-17 - 01:17 PM
Didn't we already have a thread like this (with that exact YT video) around two months ago? Also on the point of "not enough light" makes me curious how well those "Tesla solar roof tiles" will work if that is the case.
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