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Jetpack Skiing Seems Like a Fun Way to Break Your Legs

Submitted by: Odio @ 02:43 PM | Friday, March 3, 2017 | (url: http://www.popula...)

If your only complaint about skiing is that it's too slow, professional skier Filip Flisar would agree with you. In a video for Red Bull, with the conceit that Flisar is late for lunch, he did what any normal person would do: He strapped a jetpack to his back and took off.
The jetpack helped Flisar travel up hills, across frozen ponds, and through the streets of his hometown of Maribor, Slovenia. Flisar hits a top speed of 75 mph while racing down the ski slopes, which is more than fast enough for any reasonable human.

Of course if you've got a need for speed, there's more than one kind of newly soup-up snow sport. Droneboarding looks like a real blast as well. Though if you're just trying to get home for lunch, a taxi is maybe your best bet.

03-03-17 - 02:57 PM
Great content. I could see some world record jumps similar to motor cycles across ramps. But one mistake and they're bug splat. It would basically be the "Agony of Defeat" guy with the jet pack exploding into a fire ball.
03-03-17 - 07:02 PM
he never leaves the ground, this is shit
03-03-17 - 07:07 PM
The part right at the beginning when he skis uphill. That is awesome.
03-04-17 - 05:04 AM
It's a fairly risky thing to do. But since he doesn't leave the ground and he can throttle down almost immediately, it does somewhat limit the risk of sending your legs parting from your body...

Originally posted by TheVoiceOfReason  
The part right at the beginning when he skis uphill. That is awesome.
Agreed. We're one step closer to Tribes! :p:
03-04-17 - 05:27 PM
so OFN too. why is this on the front page again?
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