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Scientists Use Nanoparticles to Create a Universal Treatment for Allergies

Submitted by: Odio @ 10:28 PM | Saturday, January 7, 2017 | (url: https://futurism....)


Allergies are commonand depending on what you are allergic to and the severity of your allergies, it can be everything from a daily nuisance, to a debilitating handicap, to deadly.

Now, the promise of a universal treatment has just come to light. The method follows a system that could potentially end all allergies by using a Trojan horse concept that will allow our bodies to recognize common allergens as the harmless elements that they really are.

For years, scientists have tried in vain to prevent human immune systems from going haywire after being exposed to things such as pollen, animal fur, dust, etc. Their current efforts take a different approach. Instead of trying to calm the immune system, they are trying to use nanoparticles to carry these common allergens past the immune systems defenses so that it officially recognizes these elements as being harmless.

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01-07-17 - 10:57 PM
01-07-17 - 11:22 PM
fuck mold spores killing me with all this moisture


give me them nanoparticles asap
01-07-17 - 11:26 PM
universal cure for mice with egg allergy maybe
01-07-17 - 11:27 PM
get back to me when they start using nanobots
01-07-17 - 11:32 PM
this is combining some different ideas

like many vaccines it is altering the original to build a body immunity to it

Early peanut exposure can reduce likelihood of allergy

also testing out the premise of this belief system

can't speak for everyone....especially those with extreme reactions....but i never used to have any allergies as a kid

now all kinds of shit bothers me. the more i have forced my own exposure to these things, despite the discomfort, runny nose, sneezing, the more resilient i slowly become to that allergen again. the less it bothers me.

i will one day fly or die....become a real super hero impervious to anything
01-08-17 - 12:35 AM
This is how aids started
01-08-17 - 12:50 AM
I thought this was already the concept of allergy shots (immunotherapy)? Bombard your system with the actual allergen and eventually you'll build an immunity? This concept would just let you get allergy shots for things that you normally couldn't (things you'd have too extreme a reaction to). :weird:
01-08-17 - 12:56 AM
rip orbital 123
nanolord of the north
01-08-17 - 01:11 AM
nanu nanu
01-08-17 - 03:47 PM
01-08-17 - 03:49 PM
01-08-17 - 05:35 PM

I have no allergies. Superior genes FTW.
01-08-17 - 05:50 PM
Me neither. Ive never had any teeth cavities either. Come at me
01-08-17 - 06:57 PM
Originally posted by Data  
I have no allergies. Superior genes FTW.

nice try, but androids don't have genes
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