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[OFN]A new method to fuck up the Carbon Cycle has been invented.

Submitted by: Odio @ 10:38 PM | Thursday, January 5, 2017 | (url: http://www.bbc.co...)

The researchers say that soda is more effective than current methods and less damaging to the environment.

The team have already successfully trialled microcapsules filled with the substance.

They believe that the baking soda approach could be 40% cheaper than existing technology.

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is believed by many scientists and politicians to be a critical element in global attempts to avoid dangerous levels of climate change caused by CO2 emissions.

The burning of coal, gas and oil for energy production remains the single biggest source of the gas.

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01-06-17 - 02:00 PM
The earth is a living entity. It knows when and when not to issue a global catastrophe to clean the slate. Its only a matter of time, boys
01-06-17 - 02:00 PM
if you wanna talk tidal power then we can
but government dont care so no subsidies and a million miles of red tape
i love ocean power though, great idea and you can do it without turbines or killin fish and shit
01-06-17 - 03:40 PM
Originally posted by Odio  
Only brainwashed liberals care about co2 goshin. well, co2 and GMO FOODS INVADING THEIR SUPERMARKETS. They seem to be pretty split over whether or not vaccinations are good.

they are split over vaccinations because it is a paradox

while the greater good can only be conducted by the all powerful government that mandates it....evil corporations actually produce all these vaccines (not the all knowing, all good, government)

such a conundrum
01-06-17 - 03:48 PM
Originally posted by Goshin  
so china is heading toward 100 gigs of solar
check india out
India unveils the world's largest solar power plant | News | Al Jazeera

india is going to double their solar from 9 gig in 2016 to 18 gig in 2017

america has about 26 gig of solar energy output right now btw. So we need to keep up the pace unless we want to be third world in everything :sunny:

Grid parity - Wikipedia

interesting map there

india will fix its pollution issues by outlawing cash economy

India Aims to Keep Money for Poor Out of Others’ Pockets

make it so half of the country that is illiterate, can't spell their name, doesn't own a bank account......can't buy anything unless they do so digitally


green energy and curry shits in composting holes right around the corner


north korea conservation here i cum
01-06-17 - 04:32 PM
North Korea does a good job with carbon footprint
01-06-17 - 04:33 PM
we can all be so lucky soon

North Korean reveals cannibalism is common after escaping starving state

much better than experiencing another ice age or ocean getting a few feet deeper

another 1 degree change in temperature somewhere over the next century or two

01-06-17 - 04:37 PM
i don't think u rly appreciate the true value of social harmony and glorious leadership
01-06-17 - 04:40 PM
the unlocked power potential of Soylent Green


renewable energy


government that is good and good for us


willing to save us from ourselves
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