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Nauseating': Google profits from Holocaust denial websites, Jewish museum says

Submitted by: Odio @ 09:57 PM | Friday, December 23, 2016 | (url: https://www.rt.co...)

A Jewish heritage museum has become the latest to criticize Google over its search hits, accusing it of profiting from Holocaust denial. The search giant accepted money from the museum to stop a neo-Nazi website from appearing at the top of the results.
David Schendowich, marketing director of the Breman Museum in Atlanta, Georgia, says the facility pays Google up to $2 a click via AdWords to direct internet users to its own website when a person types in "did the Holocaust happen. This is to stop internet users from being directed to a white supremacist site by the name of Stormfront, which lists the "top 10 reasons why the Holocaust didn't happen."

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12-23-16 - 10:05 PM

why do post this shit to the front page that no one reads
12-23-16 - 10:23 PM
because it always triggers you

especially when i don't add my opinion
12-23-16 - 10:38 PM

oh ok cool

keep fighting the good fight little soldier
12-23-16 - 10:45 PM
Originally posted by Odio  
... Absolutely nauseating. I talk to so many people who survived it ... it did happen.

Well obviously not if there were so many survivors.

Weren't they all exterminated?

12-23-16 - 10:54 PM
more fakenews spam / facebook clickbait shitpost
12-23-16 - 10:56 PM
they wasted time and money tattooing numbers on jews when they could have just bashed their heads in with a big stick and left them for the buzzards.
12-24-16 - 08:04 AM
Tattoo artist
10 years experience
(Dachau, 1936-1945)
*supervisor is in Argentina and should not be contacted
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