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Dino tail in amber has feathers

Submitted by: Goshin @ 02:31 PM | Thursday, December 8, 2016 | (url: http://www.nytime...)

time to remake jurassic park

While most paleontologists dig up prehistoric bones from the ground, Lida Xing hunts for fossils in the amber markets of Myanmar. In 2015, he made a remarkable find: Trapped in what looked like golden glass was the feathered tail of a dinosaur.

Along with the primitive plumage, the 99-million-year-old amber also preserved soft tissue and eight complete vertebrae. The tail bones indicated that the specimen belonged to a dinosaur that was not a prehistoric bird and also provided researchers with insight into the evolution of feathers.

This is the first time that skeletal material from a dinosaur has been found in amber, Dr. Xing, who is a paleontologist at China University of Geosciences in Beijing, said in an email. He and his colleagues published their findings Thursday in the journal Current Biology.

After performing a CT scan and microscopic analysis, Dr. Xing and his colleagues realized that the feathers did not belong to a bird because the specimens tail vertebrae were not fused into a rod, as they are in modern birds. The feathers most likely belonged to a baby nonavian theropod, meaning it looked more similar to a velociraptor or Tyrannosaurus rex than to a modern bird. That said, it was probably only about the size of a sparrow.

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12-08-16 - 02:34 PM
only if the dinosaurs suck my dick
12-08-16 - 02:35 PM
i think they got chompy bits tho
12-08-16 - 02:35 PM
12-08-16 - 02:35 PM
we can genetically engineer them without teeth
12-08-16 - 02:39 PM
Originally posted by Hellsfury  

12-08-16 - 02:43 PM
Jurassic Park is fine. They used frog DNA to fill in the missing sequences. That's why the JP dinosaurs have reptile skin.
12-08-16 - 04:29 PM
12-08-16 - 04:41 PM
Originally posted by Odio  
Jurassic Park is fine. They used frog DNA to fill in the missing sequences. That's why the JP dinosaurs have reptile skin.

In which universe are amphibians = reptiles?
12-08-16 - 04:58 PM
The JP universe, silly!
12-08-16 - 10:27 PM
Originally posted by T-Dawg  
In which universe are amphibians = reptiles?

Just ours
12-08-16 - 10:43 PM

then again, birds do shit alot
12-08-16 - 11:11 PM
Originally posted by Federere  

looses a bit of its scary
12-08-16 - 11:14 PM
SWEET I can get one of these

12-08-16 - 11:25 PM
Surprise surprise this was 'discovered' by a Chinese dude

Load of bollocks mate
12-08-16 - 11:28 PM
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