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PUG Footage of Pre-Alpha Midair

Submitted by: Dare @ 06:28 PM | Tuesday, July 12, 2016 | (url: https://forums.pl...)




07-12-16 - 06:32 PM
u r rly bad
07-12-16 - 06:32 PM
07-12-16 - 06:56 PM
lol graphics the same as tribes 1
07-12-16 - 07:01 PM
Is this an update for Legends?
07-12-16 - 07:14 PM
stealth y r u trolling ur own game
07-12-16 - 07:52 PM
I haven't played it yet, but honestly looking at these maps and these physics it feels like this is the tribes 'remake' that comes most close to tribes 1 out of all of them.

Basically every map looks like a variant of DX or SH, and that's exactly what we want, right? Or is it just me. :shrug:

Looking forward to being able to play this game without paying 175 dollar for it. :lol:
07-12-16 - 08:44 PM
videos by odio

r u serious
07-12-16 - 08:51 PM
All we ever wanted was Tribes with bett... the same graphics!

The 20 or so hardcore Tribes vets will surely enjoy this game.
07-12-16 - 10:24 PM
your gameplay isn't selling the game ....
07-12-16 - 10:30 PM
Odio is so fucking terrible i couldn't stand watching it.
07-12-16 - 10:31 PM
I appreciate they're making this but couldn't this be created in unreal in a day? And it would look 10x nicer.

Maybe it's a mobile game.. wouldn't that set the cat amongst the pigeons.
07-12-16 - 10:47 PM
why dont u go make a game since its so easy
07-12-16 - 10:53 PM
we already have T1.. that's like T1 without the better graphix
07-12-16 - 11:09 PM
Let me know when there is a sniper rifle. It would be interesting if the rifle was only full power when your jetpack fuel was out.
07-12-16 - 11:26 PM
there is and its beautiful and in this sweet montage [youtube]ne9ph12wNWU[/youtube]
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