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Evolve goes F2P

Submitted by: LouCypher @ 09:05 AM | Thursday, July 7, 2016 | (url: http://www.pcgame...)

In a message posted on their website, Turtle Rock Studios developer MacMan announced that the asymmetric FPS game Evolve will be going free-to-play, with beta starting July 7th. The new update, dubbed "Stage 2" features a complete rework of classes and monsters, with a focus on the HUNT game mode.

Players who purchased Evolve prior to "Stage 2" will receive "Founder" status and all unlocks, keeping the content they've earned already.

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Tags: evolve f2p fps

07-07-16 - 09:17 AM
ive never played a game where both sides felt horribly underpowered. if that makes sense
07-07-16 - 09:27 AM

So I actually kind of like Evolve, but I still don't know if I'll bother playing it again. The way they handled DLC and everything really sucked and I never wanted to actually buy any of the new characters or anything.
07-07-16 - 09:50 AM
I played this in beta and it wasn't horrible but nothing that made me want to play more.
07-07-16 - 12:23 PM
i played in beta and thought it was total ass.

the way it worked the hunters basically do everything to gimp you and make you feel helpless in order to win.

the beginning was fun, lurking and trying to feed and hide and shit. but once they have enough stuff out to track you and shit, it isn't fun anymore. the actual fights felt terrible.

if you look at nearly every multiplayer game, something people generally hate are stuns, snares, slows, etc. being tethered and stuck in a tiny bubble where you cant use your mobility (the fun part of being a monster) isn't fun. very frustrating.

also someone there clearly plays warhammer 40000 and just wanted to make a game out of catachans hunting a tyranid lictor in the jungle.
07-07-16 - 12:53 PM
did they add Benny Hill music to match the gameplay?
07-07-16 - 02:24 PM
I felt like I was in a nascar race in beta - just doing laps around the track
07-07-16 - 03:23 PM

And the thing is, the better you were as the monster the more boring the game was for everyone. And if the hunters are really good it's not very fun as the monster.
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