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Scientists just showed you can hack an offline PC by listening to its fan

Submitted by: Odio @ 01:23 PM | Wednesday, June 29, 2016 | (url: http://www.scienc...)

If you really want to make sure your computer doesn't get hacked, disconnecting it from the internet is a good place to start but that 'air gap' alone isn't necessarily enough to prevent data being filched from your PC, new research has shown.

Scientists in Israel have demonstrated a new way for data to be extracted from even air-gapped (physically isolated) computers, with a new malware attack that combs data from the whirring sound of your PC's internal fan.

That's right the sound of your computer keeping itself cool can now be turned against it, thanks to a malware program called Fansmitter, devised by researchers at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Cyber Security Research Centre.

Once a computer is infected with Fansmitter, the program can "acoustically exfiltrate data from air-gapped computers, even when audio hardware and speakers are not present," the researchers write in their paper.

The malware does this by regulating the internal fans' speed to generate an acoustic waveform emitted by the PC. In other words, like a parasite, Fansmitter takes some data from your PC, then takes over the fan, and uses it like a mouthpiece to generate subtle audio signals based on the data, which can then be detected and interpreted by a nearby device.

As the team explains, "[b]inary data can be modulated and transmitted over these audio signals to a remote microphone (eg., on a nearby mobile phone)".

It's not the first time that audio signals have been used to extract data from air-gapped machines. Previous malware demonstrations have shown that PCs' internal and external speakers could use similar techniques to broadcast data signals via audio to capture devices.

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06-29-16 - 01:26 PM
This is a no spin zone
06-29-16 - 01:28 PM
Sneaky jews...
06-29-16 - 01:58 PM
not a fan of this ...
06-29-16 - 02:02 PM
This blows
06-29-16 - 03:24 PM
so the malware still has to be installed on the target pc...

and a listening device has to be hidden in the same room as the target pc

gj w/ ur headline jews clickbait
06-29-16 - 03:26 PM
o man this is so juicy i'm posting twice
06-29-16 - 06:07 PM
It has to be close enough to hear the internal fan.

This is a discovery that ends after it is proven

hello moto
06-29-16 - 06:29 PM
... isnt the point of an air gapped pc that this malware could never get in there?
06-29-16 - 06:39 PM
People always stick dodgy usb sticks into a work pc, even charge/comm cables can be infected. One place I worked used to fill all ports with resin to prevent this
07-06-16 - 04:37 AM
Fanless is the future.
07-06-16 - 10:12 AM
just below linked article:

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