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New York man attacked for the crime of looking like Shia LaBeouf

Submitted by: Odio @ 04:26 PM | Tuesday, April 26, 2016 | (url: http://www.avclub...)

A New York City man was reportedly physically assaulted by a stranger on the street due to his passing resemblance to actor Shia LaBeouf, according to a report in Gothamist. Mario Licato says he was exiting the Delancey Street F train station on Manhattans Lower East Side at around 8 PM on Saturday when he was unexpectedly punched in his LaBeouf-esque face and knocked briefly unconscious. I was walking up the stairs, Licato explains to Gothamist. I didnt even see the guy. I just see his fist coming towards me. It knocked me, and while I was falling down the stairs, all I hear was, This is because you look exactly like Shia LaBeouf! Just to put a fine point on this, the unknown assailantwhom witnesses describe as a muscular 6-foot-tall bro type in his mid-20sdid not think he was punching the the 29-year-old actor. He was, by his own parting words, punishing a person for looking similar to Transformers: Dark of the Moon star.

After regaining consciousness at the bottom of the stairs, his face bloodied and his glasses broken in half, Licato turned to a couple who had rushed to his aid in order to confirm the absurdity of the event. I was so confused, he recalls. I was even more confused because I got up and I was like, am I crazy or did I hear him say, This is because you look like Shia LaBeouf? And they were like, Nope. Thats exactly what he said as he was running away from you.

The New York-born advertising art director says that he has been mistaken for LaBeouf in the past and has been stopped on the street a number of times, though this is the first time such an encounter has come to violence. I want to know what Shia LaBeouf did to him, Licato told Gothamist. What did Shia LaBeouf do to him that he punched somebody that looks like him? He must have did something so mean. Did he steal his girlfriend? Did he just see his last performance art piece? Sounds like he just answered his own question

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04-26-16 - 04:27 PM
Seems perfectly reasonable to me.
04-26-16 - 04:30 PM
Nobody likes copycats
04-26-16 - 04:40 PM
Kill all jews on sight, I say.
04-26-16 - 05:17 PM
yep, justified
04-26-16 - 05:27 PM
Super sperg or a "youth" did this.
04-27-16 - 08:15 AM
Would Def punch
04-27-16 - 08:18 AM
04-27-16 - 08:40 AM
He doesn't look like Shia LaBeouf at all. He's just a guy with a beard and stache.
04-27-16 - 09:04 AM
04-27-16 - 09:05 AM
should beat him up moar
04-27-16 - 02:41 PM
tbf this dood has a v punchable face
04-27-16 - 02:50 PM
Originally posted by absent  
Kill all jews on sight, I say.

really? That is surprising, you've never mentioned anything that would lead us to believe that
04-27-16 - 02:55 PM
Yeah, it's a thing I do. You know, I see jews trying to snuff out my race, strangle us in our own homes using the brown grubby hands of niggers and arabs and I ask myself: "how can we stop this?" And then I dig around in history books and I see how the jews have always been priviliged in our societies, how we've extended our hands to them in friendship and still they seek to exterminate my kind. So then I say that the only way to proceed is to counter-exterminate them before they get us.
04-27-16 - 03:06 PM
And then you think "I should really bring this to a video game related forum, that'll solve everything!"
04-27-16 - 03:09 PM
wish they would punch the real shia labeouf already

fuck that guy
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