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Tailoring nanoparticle designs to target cancer based on tumor pathophysiology

Submitted by: Odio @ 12:47 PM | Sunday, February 21, 2016 | (url: http://www.pnas.o...)


Nanotechnology is a promising approach for improving cancer diagnosis and treatment with reduced side effects. A key question that has emerged is: What is the ideal nanoparticle size, shape, or surface chemistry for targeting tumors? Here, we show that tumor pathophysiology and volume can significantly impact nanoparticle targeting. This finding presents a paradigm shift in nanomedicine away from identifying and using a universal nanoparticle design for cancer detection and treatment. Rather, our results suggest that future clinicians will be capable of tailoring nanoparticle designs according to the patient's tumor characteristics. This concept of personalized nanomedicine was tested for detection of prostate tumors and was successfully demonstrated to improve nanoparticle targeting by over 50%.

02-21-16 - 12:56 PM
once inside, what happens if the nanoparticles become self aware?

02-21-16 - 01:01 PM
Cancer curing nano particles are so 10 years ago.
02-21-16 - 01:25 PM
i'm going to need tehvul to analyze the data and confirm the analysis before i'll believe such nonsense
02-21-16 - 01:38 PM
I for one welcome our new shape shifting disease resistant overlords.
02-21-16 - 11:28 PM
Cancer immunotherapy using car-t cells is already working wonders. It is the technology of the immediate future.
02-22-16 - 01:25 AM
There is still a lot of research to do before nanoparticles see true use in hospitals around the globe. But finding a cancer treatment that can specifically target tumours is a big step forward.

Every miracle cure is always labeled as just a few years away from being available to the masses.

Given the cancer industry is billions of dollars in revenue annually I find it difficult to believe they'll abandon the chemo and radiation so called therapies.
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