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BREAKING! A Wearable That Lets You Charge Your Gadgets by Jerking Off

Submitted by: Odio @ 01:34 PM | Thursday, February 26, 2015 | (url: http://gizmodo.co...)

Sorry to keep posting Gizmodo shit, but this is important need to know information!

We've all shaken a fitness tracker or two in our lives to beat the system. But now, Pornhub is making a wearable meant for just thatshaking. And beating. It's called the Wankband, and it lets you charge your gadgets by jacking off. It was only a matter of time.


According to Pornhub's (decidedly SFW) video, a small inner valve in the band sends a weight up and down with each loving, lonely stroke. The extra-special alone time bracelet stores that generated energy, which you can then use to juice up all the similarly special gadgets in your life.

Of course, the amount of power it generates is almost definitely not going to be enough to give anything a full charge. But with the right attitude, days to kill, and a lock on your mom's basement door, we're sure you can persevere.
The Wankband is still in development right now, but you can head over to Pornhub's (SFW) wearable landing page to sign up for your chance to get in on the beta round, which Pornhub tells us should start "in the coming months." Coming months, indeed. (I hate myself.) [Pornhub]

02-26-15 - 07:01 PM
They must be busy powering their labtops.
02-26-15 - 07:55 PM
wasn't there an Asian movie called Wild Zero where there was a bunch of asian dudes with hand squeezers generated power for the city.
02-27-15 - 06:23 AM
I hope it works for women. It wouldn't be good for the "slow and steady types" but the chicks that go nuts on the muffin could charge a phone in half the time of any guy. Plus, I would rather watch a woman charge my phone than jack it any day.
02-27-15 - 06:31 AM
"You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Brasstax again."

go nuts on the muffin :rofl:
02-27-15 - 08:31 AM
If this is done right we could be off of natural gases and be completely green energy.

Im not funny enough to decide this is some other type of energy.
02-27-15 - 10:19 AM
No shit, hook this thing into the grid and we are instantly green
02-27-15 - 10:30 AM
This tool + occulus rift + Porn = unlimited power
02-27-15 - 11:52 AM
it won't work for me

i'm a mattress humper
02-27-15 - 01:16 PM
Glue it to the mattress - profit?
02-27-15 - 01:20 PM
:lol: Update us when you can buy it.
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