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Great Tribal War Weekly Pickups

Submitted by: GokouZWAR @ 04:00 PM | Monday, March 9, 2009 | (url: http://www.gtwar.net)

Itching to play GTW but can't find a time when players are on? Look no further! Current GTW version is 1.6.56 hosted 24/7 on our MaxOGC Server "MaxOGC - Great Tribal War"

GTW pickup Times:
Saturdays: 7pm EDT - 11PM EDT
Tuesdays: 7PM EDT - 11PM EDT

All games are played on the "MaxOGC - Great Tribal War" server at
If you are unpatched for TribesNext you may not see it on your server lists, be sure you get the TribesNext patch at the TribesNext Downloads Website. If you are having problems with GTW go to our website and register on the forums for technical support.

We're looking for help too!
-GTW Founder / Project Leader

03-09-09 - 05:28 PM
i believe theres a tribes section of the website you bitch
03-09-09 - 05:45 PM
Thanks! I look forward to raping and pillaging the spawn points.
03-10-09 - 12:31 PM
Originally posted by jordanthug  
i believe theres a tribes section of the website you bitch

I also believe this is a news topic, also the news' topic has "Tribes" as the news topic. So therefore if you do not wish to get Tribes news, don't read tribes news. Besides, where do you think Tribalwar.com got their name from? The site was created FOR tribes players BY tribes players. When tribes stopped being popular they spanned out to other games which obviously you liked hence why you are here. Save yourself some effort next time and don't waste time posting such pointless garbage.

I don't appreciate name calling either so kindly stow it.

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