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Training Site

Submitted by: Bloodsong @ 11:16 AM | Thursday, February 12, 2009 | (url: http://www.gamerd...)

There are people on the internet who wish to keep the Shifter Tribes alive. They are providing a training site for the noobs, returning players, and players from other mods who wish to play Tribes. The perspective trainee should be instructed to read through the site, or at the very least watch all the video's 1st.
Then they can request Tribes, Ventrilo, and personal Training, etc..... at the web site providing the training.

Category: Console Gaming | 6 Comments
Tags: tribes

02-12-09 - 12:55 PM
02-12-09 - 06:01 PM
ROFL. Shifter tribes huh? People as in 2.
02-12-09 - 07:18 PM
Training? For shifter? The hell is this?
02-12-09 - 07:44 PM
I need help with my pulse beacon deploying skills
02-15-09 - 02:46 AM
Wtf is wrong here... I see no videos, and SHIFTER V_1g is the only shifter worth a damn.

Max OGC ftw.
02-16-09 - 08:45 AM
assassin pewpew
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