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Far Cry 2 Hands-on Preview

Submitted by: KnightMare @ 03:53 AM | Thursday, May 29, 2008 | (url: http://www.shackn...)

It is fitting that a shooter based on presenting the player with options has spawned two very different sequels. With an open world of 50 square kilometers, a branching mission-based plot powered by a GTA-like cellphone, and an engine built for cross-platform performance, Ubisoft's Far Cry sequel is a wholly different take on the concept than we saw with Crytek's Crysis.

"We basically built the engine from the ground up to be able to create this open world," said Amancio, speaking at a rapid clip, clearly excited about his game. "It's a 50 square kilometer open world game. It's streaming, so no loading. Everything is dynamic.The plants that you're seeing, the animations, they're not animated--this is really procedural.

05-29-08 - 09:28 AM
Looks pretty. Will buy.
05-29-08 - 03:30 PM
Nice, I didn't play the first one, but this one looks like it could be pretty good.
05-31-08 - 02:43 AM
Might have to pick up to test out my new PC.
05-31-08 - 05:27 AM
Oh goodie. Hopefully this is better than Crysis which was pretty damn bland.
06-02-08 - 11:37 AM
No loading between scenes, ending depends on what you do during the game, multiple ways to run through the game, never heard THAT before :rolleyes:
06-03-08 - 03:04 PM
Cell phones dont work in Africa
06-03-08 - 08:08 PM
They should call it a satellite phone.
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