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[PS3] 80GB BC MGS4 DS3 = $499.99

Submitted by: Evil Light Bulb @ 03:36 PM | Tuesday, February 26, 2008 | (url: http://blog.us.pl...)

Sony made several announcements today sure to receive varying levels of enthusiasm. First, the Dual Shock 3 will hit store shelves in April (to coincide with GT5:P) and will retail at $54.99. They followed that up by anouncing a red God of War PSP bundle that will arrive in March. Finally, they unveiled the follow-up to the now defunct 80GB sku. A new sku with the same semi-hardware backwards compatibility, Dual Shock 3 packed in AND Metal Gear Solid 4 included. This bundle will be available starting mid-June.

02-26-08 - 03:54 PM
02-26-08 - 04:20 PM
After '=$499.99' it should have 'FTW'
02-26-08 - 06:12 PM
Sry, but where does it say June for that bundle?
02-26-08 - 07:44 PM
Late Q2 = Mid June
02-26-08 - 08:13 PM
Other sources state June 12, but I couldn't find enough to back that up.

So late Q2 + June 12 = Mid June. June 12 seems very likely.

June 12 is the same day MGS 4 is released.
02-27-08 - 08:43 PM
02-27-08 - 09:45 PM
I have the 40 Gig, but I broke my PS2 so now I can't play the old school games. I want MGS4 nowwww
02-28-08 - 01:05 AM
ive got a 60 gig.. and old games work fine
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