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Vista SP1 Pulled From Automatic Update

Submitted by: Dark Volcanic @ 11:18 AM | Thursday, February 21, 2008 | (url: http://www.news.c...)

"Microsoft has stopped automatically distributing a prerequisite piece of software for Vista Service Pack 1, following some customer complaints that it had caused system problems...

...'We've heard a few reports about problems customers may be experiencing as a result of KB937287,' wrote White. 'Immediately after receiving reports of this error, we made the decision to temporarily suspend automatic distribution of the update to avoid further customer impact while we investigate possible causes.'"

02-21-08 - 11:54 AM
Pre-requisite is not the same as Service Pack 1. There's 2 I believe that are required before SP1 neither of which can be uninstalled after they've been applied. Although, SP1 can be uninstalled.
02-21-08 - 02:24 PM
Nice sensationalist headline, but read the fucking article first next time.
02-21-08 - 03:57 PM
ya.. and 64bit SP1 for vista is out. So it sounds like a small hiccup that has probably already been fixed (i heard about this story elsewhere 2 days ago. So 2-3 days to fix a little pre-curser patch doesn't sound like much of a stretch).
02-21-08 - 04:32 PM
I can't believe the headline the media has picked. Fucking idiots.
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