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ISPs Allowing Ad Companies to Inspect Your Packets

Submitted by: Zengei @ 10:07 PM | Monday, February 18, 2008 | (url: http://www.dslrep...)

Two companies, NebuAD in the US and Phorm in the UK are doing deep packet inspections of ISP user traffic in order to create targeted advertisements. Both companies promise privacy and offer opt-out mechanisms, but users are wary. NebuAD doesn't list the ISPs its working with but Phorm is working with BT, Carphone Warehouse and Virgin Media, which combined account for two-thirds of broadband users in the UK.

02-18-08 - 11:06 PM
wont be long before comcast trys it over here in the US
02-19-08 - 10:46 PM
won't be long before it is disclossed that they have been trying it over here in the US
02-19-08 - 10:51 PM
won't be long before they claim that their intent was to introduce a method of parental watch
02-20-08 - 12:43 AM
Won't be long before the revolution comes
02-20-08 - 01:16 PM
won't be long before they stop allowing torrents and other 'undesirable' traffic
02-23-08 - 08:51 PM
won't be long till the next won't be long comment.
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