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Could NVIDIA aquire AMD?

Submitted by: Zengei @ 12:13 AM | Thursday, February 14, 2008 | (url: http://arstechnic...)

Move over Microsoft and Yahoo, time to speculate on the unholy marriage of two other Titans: NVIDIA and AMD. AMD hasn't been doing so hot lately and while NVIDIA doesn't have the cash to straight-up buy AMD, it could do so with additional financing. This would mean NVIDIA would consume its only rival, ATi in the process. Of course NVIDIA has expressed no such desire to acquire AMD, and AMD isn't looking to be acquired, but you can't like Microsoft have all the fun. Next up: Google seeks to acquire... I don't know... Apple, yeah, let's go with that, Google's going to be buy Apple.

02-14-08 - 12:17 AM
Hmm, it copied the URL 3 consecutive times, even after repeated edits in an attempt to change it.

Proper URL is: Are AMD and NVIDIA destined for a blessed union?
02-14-08 - 03:13 AM
I say no, because if they do merge wouldn't that make NVIDIA monopolizing video cards?
02-14-08 - 06:50 AM
wont happen.
02-14-08 - 04:31 PM
not gonna happen. governing bodies would stop it.
02-14-08 - 08:44 PM
i think that more than those 2 companies make video cards..
as example, intel and via make video cards..

i think they are the only 2 companies that make 3d accelerators though.
02-14-08 - 10:20 PM
Why the fuck is this newsworthy?
02-15-08 - 03:07 PM
It will never get approved.
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