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Sony Pays $520 Million to Warner/Fox

Submitted by: ExarKun @ 10:57 PM | Monday, January 14, 2008 | (url: http://gizmodo.co...)

Warner actually wanted to go HD DVD. They gave Toshiba the chance to bring another studio into the HD DVD camp before they turned Blu. Fox was lined up, and told the HD DVD camp it was going to switch to HD DVD, which would've also turned Warner exclusively HD DVD. At the last possible minute, it nixed the deal.

Lindich says it's because Fox received a reported $120 million payout from Sony to stay Blu-rayWarner then switched and received between $400 and $500 million for its defection. BW says it's closer to $400 million. In our phone call with Warner Kevin Tsujihara said it wasn't a bidding war that brought them overthat's true, in the words of Ben Kenobi, from a certain point of view.

01-14-08 - 11:12 PM
Excellent reporting!
01-15-08 - 03:44 AM
This makes much more sense than just having Warner decide out of the blue to go exclusive, and why it absolutely caught Toshiba with their pants down.
01-15-08 - 08:01 AM
"No cash exchanged hands"

01-15-08 - 08:57 AM
You've got to spend money to make money. It's all purely business and not really unethical unless you were poor sap who bought into HD-DVD, LOL!

01-15-08 - 12:40 PM
See, this makes sense.
01-15-08 - 05:37 PM
Um hate to break it to you but you copied an article off a mac site that is known for trolling, whose only article of support (from Business Week) doesn't say what they are stating
One source reported that Toshiba had offered to pay more than $100 million, while Sony bid closer to $400 million. But Meyer denied there was a bidding war and said Warner instead looked solely at global sales of both formats in making its decision. "The window of opportunity for high-definition DVD could be missed if format confusion continues to linger," he said.
and 8 days before this article was written numerous sources proved this story false. For some reason Gizmod was just really late in printing this 'article' that seems to have no basis.

I don't have a vested interest in this, but seriously if we're going to put up news, we might want it news worthy not internet tabloidy.
01-15-08 - 05:41 PM
wasnt it Gizmod that posted a fake story that caused apple's stock to take a dip?
01-16-08 - 05:38 AM
Damn that gizmodo!
01-17-08 - 12:20 AM
HD-DVD will still win. Get ready for Blu-Ray to HD-DVD burners.
01-21-08 - 01:03 AM
why do you guys want HD-DVD to win? bluray has a larger capacity and both formats are backed by nazis
01-21-08 - 03:37 AM
Why is the news post always busted on the forum?
01-22-08 - 06:08 AM
facts on the internet; they're legit
01-22-08 - 06:39 AM
"Excellent reporting!"
01-22-08 - 08:54 PM
"bluray has a larger capacity"All the better for the next root-kit they'll include in the future.
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