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Sex with Robots by 2050?

Submitted by: DudeofDeath @ 04:19 PM | Friday, January 4, 2008 | (url: http://www.chron....)

Hooray for technology! Looks like everyone may get their own "Cherry 2000" sometime within the next 40 years..

"Sexbots -- not sexpots, but robots -- so lifelike that humans will know them in every sense will be available sooner, not later, a British writer predicts".

01-04-08 - 05:33 PM
So I will be the 64 year old virgin and no more than that!
01-04-08 - 06:15 PM
not soon enuff
01-04-08 - 06:20 PM
I'll have two or three.
01-04-08 - 06:42 PM
fucking history channel told me virtual sex by 2010

that will suffice
01-04-08 - 06:57 PM
Not going to lie. I will possess at least ... one of these.
01-04-08 - 09:51 PM
too slow
01-05-08 - 12:05 PM
When something like this is marketed it probably just be viewed the same way as a blow up doll is by the general population. Can't really say I go along with the fact that something like this will go as far as they are saying it will.
01-05-08 - 06:48 PM
besides, i can already fuck my furby- i am unimpressed.
01-05-08 - 10:32 PM
couldnt find the original futurama video but

01-05-08 - 10:35 PM
wait yes I did
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