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Disney approves 51 GB HD-DVD Media

Submitted by: DudeofDeath @ 09:21 PM | Tuesday, November 20, 2007 | (url: http://www.xbitla...)

Walt Disney Home Entertainment, a major Hollywood studio and one of the strongest backers of Blu-ray disc format, voted for approval of a preliminary specification of 51GB triple-layer HD-DVD media back in September.

The fact that Walt Disney Home Entertainment, which official stance has always been strong Blu-ray support, may be an indicator that even members of the Blu-ray Association are potentially interested in the forthcoming versions of the HD DVD standard.

11-20-07 - 10:05 PM
Another major blow to the market dominance of nobody
11-20-07 - 11:01 PM
is this gg for blueray? or can bluray do this triple layer bullshit too?
11-21-07 - 03:49 AM
this so called "news" was made just to increase hits for xbit

i am losing respect for them
11-21-07 - 09:26 AM
11-25-07 - 02:19 PM
Does anyone care about capacity? No. At least not the people that either camp needs to be buying their players.

People want movies to watch on their HD players. They can care less if it's triple layer, double density, high fidelity, super duper, creampie machine, wong dong disc is inside. Is it hi-dep? Cool, can I watch _____ on it? No? Fuck it.

Until people can watch their favorite movies on their player and not be fucked over by "exclusive" deals and what not, the HD-DVD/Blu Ray people can eat a dick.
11-25-07 - 04:21 PM
consumers don't really care, but people choosing which format to put their movies on do.
12-05-07 - 06:51 PM
Originally posted by ZacH  
is this gg for blueray? or can bluray do this triple layer bullshit too?
100GB Blu-ray discs exist on experimental basis... and the dual-layer discs are already 50gb
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