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[Pics Released] Is This Playstation 3 Too Dusty To Be Repaired Under Warranty?

Submitted by: OtakuMark @ 08:06 AM | Thursday, November 15, 2007 | (url: http://consumeris...)

We now have pictures of the Playstation 3 that Sony refused to repair under warranty because the unit was too dusty. Sony originally claimed that the pictures would not be released without a subpoena, and that the dust presented a threat to their technician's health that could only be alleviated if our tipster paid $150. After our posts, Sony abruptly reversed course and released the pictures to our tipster. Sony's letter, the pictures, and our poll, after the jump.

11-15-07 - 08:36 AM
Does it say in the warranty that disgusting amounts of dust would void the warranty?
11-15-07 - 09:29 AM
No they said that it either user abuse or an act of god....both of which void warranty........

Could Sony be any more retarded about this?
11-15-07 - 09:32 AM
if i paid for that fucker i sure as shit wouldn't let it get that fucking gross. what did the guy do roll it in dirt to break it in?
11-15-07 - 10:27 AM
Originally posted by PowerSurge  
No they said that it either user abuse or an act of god....both of which void warranty........

Could Sony be any more retarded about this?
It says in the warranty that neglect or abuse voids the warranty. It then talks about how to properly maintain your system in the manual. He did not properly maintain the system and it broke.

It takes years of neglect for even a PC to get that kind of look to it. There are people who use their 10+ year old IBM thinkpads that look like they are in much better shape than this guy's PS3.
11-15-07 - 11:00 AM
The dust may not be the reason it broke though, how would you know without looking at the unit.

What should have been done is take pictures of it on arrival as they did, but then wipe it off and open it up to see what broke. If it's obvious a part malfuntioned due to dust, the warranty's voided. Otherwise good customer service would be to wipe it off, blow it out, then troubleshoot/test it to see why it's dysfunctional and fix it, then send it back to the customer with pictures of it and advice/instructions that it must be better maintained to improve it's working lifespan.

Looks like in the poll, 58+% think the dust is not a good enough reason to refuse warranty sevice.

11-15-07 - 11:09 AM
That looks like enough dust to be reasonable refusal of warranty due to neglect and/or abuse. In a closed in system like a PS3 with so many components that need effective cooling, allowing dust to build as that guy did would definitely be beyond responsible treatment.
11-15-07 - 11:21 AM
To someone with technical knowledge, sure. But to your typical shopper, no. Either way it's bad PR, makes it look like Sony has lost so much already they don't want to lose more by replacing machines still under warranty.
11-15-07 - 11:42 AM
The poll is dodgy anyway. It asks if the dust looks to be a danger to the technician's health, an answer that nitpicks on only one reason that Sony gave as to why the dust is a problem. Because of that selective behavior, I'm going to assume that they were trying to skew the results a bit.

However, what if the poll said this?


Yes, the dust on the unit shows obvious neglect in following the basic upkeep procedures outlined in Sony's manual.

No, the dust is superficial, that amount of dust is indicative or normal use as the customer claims and Sony should repair the unit.
11-15-07 - 01:43 PM
Send the PS3 to me.
11-15-07 - 04:41 PM
11-15-07 - 05:01 PM
"5 days later I have no updates on the PS3, I call in to check on it, The first rep I speak to says that it was received without a receipt, and was delayed but he was going to note that it was a gift and get the replacement sent out to me.

6 hours later I get a call from Neil saying that unfortunately they have opened the case and taken pictures of the inside and outside of the case and that it was too dirty to be eligible for replacement."

I've worked in dusty conditions and can say that a electronic device sitting in a dusty spot for 5 days will start to consume dust.
11-15-07 - 05:02 PM
Please see this photo for evidence of this:
11-15-07 - 05:14 PM
who lets anything get that dusty, of course you'll have issues if your system is that full of dust...i thought that was common sense with all electronics.
11-16-07 - 12:16 AM
wonder what that slob's house/apartment looks like. must be barely habitable.
11-16-07 - 10:04 AM
What kind of retard sends something to be repaired under warranty looking like that? Clean it first before you ship it in your fucking tard. Christ.
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