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[360] Falcons Have Arrived

Submitted by: Evil Light Bulb @ 08:46 PM | Sunday, September 30, 2007 | (url: http://www.dailyt...)

While the arrival of Falcon based 360 has been long expected it seems the transition is finally making its way into stores. Possibly limited to the LE Halo 3 box, Daily Tech surmises reports from the X-Box Forums indicating that 65nm CPU revision is hitting the shelves along with redesigned heatsinks. How effective this proves to be at reducing heat and presumably the failure rate of the 360 remains to be seen. It also remains to be seen whether or not the GPU will be receiving the 65nm treatment anytime soon. It could easily be argued that this would be the more important 'update' for the 360.

A quick guide to aid Falcon searches can also be found at the XBOX forums http://forums.xbox.com/15804553/ShowPost.aspx

09-30-07 - 09:04 PM
now we just need another price cut come... like november, and i might buy a new 360 (still have my launch one) so i can flog the old one off to a mate on the cheap so we can play each other online.
09-30-07 - 09:10 PM
Haro Free
10-01-07 - 02:25 AM
It says that the die shrink is only for the CPU, not the plagued GPU. But the heatsinks are better, so maybe that will help.
10-01-07 - 02:41 AM
People are comparing the old GPU vs the new one and are noticing differences in size though, along with other visual differences.

But GPU aside, the new heatsinks that were added into the new HDMI premiums and elites have pretty much fixed the problem anyways. This 65nm chip is mainly to lower production cost. (it producing less heat and using less power is just a bonus we the consumer get)
10-01-07 - 03:13 AM
Now I'm only waiting until the 360 adds HD=dvd drive as standard instead of an addon
10-01-07 - 05:47 AM
i already heard they are RROD'ing
10-01-07 - 10:53 AM
Sooo...how again do I 'exchange' my old launch 360 (which is actually starting to fuck up bad, the dvd tray won't spit out everytime all the way) for a new fangled one?
10-01-07 - 11:43 AM
Originally posted by Jungle Fish  
i already heard they are RROD'ing


Some guy made up a story about his halo edition RROD, got drama started, then admitted he was just making it all up.

But even in a world where he wasn't lying, not all the Halo SE 360's have the 'Falcon' in them anyways, so you'd have no way of proving that the 'falcon' is RROD'ing.
10-01-07 - 11:53 AM
Christ on a stick who wrote this shit. Preview then post you cunt.

Yo 360 with the Hi-Def drive built in isn't going to happen.

10-01-07 - 12:02 PM
Won't happen unless HD-DVD is a clear winner, and I don't think there will be a clear winner for quite some time. It would be the next-gen of hte xbox at the soonest I would think.
10-03-07 - 04:50 PM
Thats not necessarily true. HD-DVD doesn't have to be a clear winner, all it has to do is prove that its not going to go away for the foreseeable future. Its pretty much done that already, maintaining a solid market share and with Paramount's exclusivity announcement.
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