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GarageGames to Focus on In-browser 3D Gaming; Majority Stake Acquired by IAC

Submitted by: Darmok & Jalad @ 01:02 AM | Tuesday, September 18, 2007 | (url: http://shacknews....)

cya torque

tribes is beyond dead now.

09-18-07 - 01:13 AM
You missed the key line of the WSJ article:

Terms of the deal weren't available. IAC, controlled by Barry Diller, also plans to announce a multimillion-dollar fund to develop new Internet action games.

Maybe Barry Diller liked Tribes.
09-18-07 - 01:33 AM
Originally posted by ajaxprojection  
You missed the key line of the WSJ article:

Maybe Barry Diller liked Tribes.
i hope so :D
09-18-07 - 01:56 AM
Horrible article summary.
09-18-07 - 10:46 AM
Originally posted by ajaxprojection  
You missed the key line of the WSJ article:

Maybe Barry Diller liked Tribes.
Thats a pretty good hint ap... :D
09-18-07 - 08:43 PM
Bad title. More like they are branching out, not shifting their focus.
09-18-07 - 09:52 PM
i'm sury barry has enough cash to buy the tribes ip ;)
09-18-07 - 10:56 PM
Barry Diller please report to tribalwar, somw people would like to sniff your ass.
09-18-07 - 11:51 PM

Diller is currently the Chairman of Expedia and the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of IAC/InterActiveCorp, an interactive commerce conglomerate and the parent of companies including Home Shopping Network, Ticketmaster, Match.com, Citysearch, LendingTree and CollegeHumor. In 2005, IAC/InterActiveCorp acquired Ask.com, marking a strategic move into the Internet search category. Diller has been on the board of The Coca-Cola Company since 2002. The new headquarters of IAC/InterActiveCorp was designed by Frank Gehry and is scheduled to open in 2007 at 18th Street and the West Side Highway in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood. The western half of the block is dedicated to the building which stands several stories taller than the massive Chelsea Piers Sporting complex just across the West Side Highway. The extra floors guarantee a panoramic Hudson River view from Diller's top-floor office.

In 2001, Diller married fashion designer and longtime friend Diane von FĂĽrstenberg.

In 2003, on the PBS TV program NOW with Bill Moyers, Diller vocalized a strong warning against media consolidation. In the interview he referred to media ownership by a few big corporations as an oligarchy, saying the concentration strangles new ideas.[3]

Barry Diller was "the highest-paid executive [of 2005 fiscal year]" according to a report by The New York Times on Thursday, October 26, 2006 with a total compensation package in excess of $295 million.[2] In an opinion article in the New York Times of Nov 7, 2006, Nicholas D. Kristof awarded him his annual Michael Eisner Award, consisting of a $5 shower curtain, for corporate rapacity and laziness. [3]

"The Killer Dillers"

Diller is responsible for what the media dubs "The Killer Dillers" -- people whom Diller mentored and who later became big-time media executives in their own right. Examples include Michael Eisner (who was President & COO of Paramount Pictures while Diller was Chairman & CEO of Paramount Pictures, who went on to become Chairman & CEO of The Walt Disney Company), Dawn Steel (future head of Columbia Pictures and the first woman to run a movie studio, who worked under Diller at Paramount), Jeffrey Katzenberg (head of PDI/DreamWorks Animation, principal of DreamWorks SKG, former head of Walt Disney Studios, and a head of production of Paramount under Diller), Garth Ancier, President of BBC America, and Don Simpson, who was President of Production at Paramount under Diller and Eisner, was also included -- he later went on to run a production company based on the Disney lot with Jerry Bruckheimer. Barry Diller is the owner of Sailing Yacht EOS, at 93 metres it is the largest sailing yacht in the world

09-19-07 - 10:29 PM
Sounds like the acquisition will be a very good thing for the folks over at GG. Best of luck to them, whatever it means for tribes.
09-22-07 - 08:02 AM
tribes franchise kthx
09-30-07 - 08:57 PM
any screenies floating around at what may or may not be going on there?(GG)
10-10-07 - 08:53 PM
If you fish around you may find a video of IA with MBU in action. As far as other announcements, Wideload, formed in 2004 by former founder of Bungie, has started a new 'Wideload Shorts' division at their company and has announced their first game will be heading to the InstantAction platform.


Also, I hear the man behind Red Baron, and the Aces of * games, who was also co-founder of Dynamix, will be doing games for InstantAction as well.

10-16-07 - 03:36 PM
The tribes 2 server is down today. No authentication etc. Our servers wont go up etc. life sucks here, I hope Barry Diller likes the tribes communities... cuz I am a sad Gramma right now.
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