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There's a Sonic X-Treme for everyone!

Submitted by: CPClove @ 07:53 AM | Thursday, July 19, 2007 | (url: http://thesaturnj...)

Yes, even us Saturn-less souls. Download the excellent "Sonic X-Treme Pack for the Saturn Junkyard!"

07-19-07 - 09:28 AM
Download my cock into your mouth.
07-19-07 - 11:45 AM
You are so absolutely ridiculous really... what can possibly be wrong with this one? Besides the fact you 've never -and probably never will- had sex. Or read a book. Or managed to open the bloody front door.
07-19-07 - 02:26 PM
welcome to TW
07-19-07 - 03:31 PM
What the fuck is a Sonic X-Treme and why would it be restricted to only certain individuals?
07-19-07 - 05:42 PM
Not much worth my time then is it? Bah.
07-20-07 - 12:55 AM
your grammar confuses me
07-20-07 - 09:26 AM
The only reason nobody cares about you, CPClove, is:

Join Date: 07-13-2007

You are a new meber nobody has heard about, promoting your own blog, which, coincidentally, nobody cares about either.

Oh. You're also insanely easy to upset. So, continue posting. Watching your reactions to the Tribal Warriors is quite amusing.
07-20-07 - 10:59 AM
Really, so how many posts were about my blog -oh so nise- matey? Care to point them out? Watching this zoo is amusing.
07-20-07 - 05:10 PM
It didn't take long for this one to backfire did it?
07-20-07 - 08:50 PM
Btw, warez ban. I think. I don't know.
07-21-07 - 02:39 AM
It seems to me that all his news posts have been borderline warez
07-21-07 - 02:18 PM
You are such cretins you can't distinguish a freeware game from warez.... Pathetic really...
07-21-07 - 06:35 PM
1st rule of TW forums. don't post unless you are a vet1
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