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PS3 drives Blu-ray to 64% market share in Europe

Submitted by: houston @ 03:35 PM | Tuesday, May 22, 2007 | (url: http://www.blu-ra...)

In Europe for the past several weeks, blu-ray has sold 3:1 to HD-DVD, driving blu-ray to 64% market share. This officially puts them on top in all 3 major markets. Blu-ray has long led the US market and also has 96% market share in Japan. So long HD-DVD.

05-22-07 - 04:05 PM
05-22-07 - 07:25 PM
2 billion dollar loss lol
05-22-07 - 07:58 PM
i think this news is about bluray taking market share, not ps3 losing money

lol agenda
05-23-07 - 12:02 AM
long held the US? if you mean held a slight, but constantly diminishing lead only since January, leading to near neck-and-neck tie as evidenced by HD-DVD beating Blu-ray for the Planet Earth high def collection, then yah I guess it would be "long held".

oh yah, did you hear the PS3 only sold 8,800 units in Japan last week? yah so much for the cheapest beta-ray player that can't even output 720p.
05-23-07 - 08:19 AM
what about japan now?
05-23-07 - 11:25 AM
lol you're saying I have an agenda? Read his post for christ's sake. The whole thing is dripping with bias. Long held? This "war" has been going on for a short period of time. It's no different than declaring the PS3 the loser because right now Nintendo and MS are dominating "market share".
05-23-07 - 12:18 PM
Seeing as how HD-DVD and bluray are such a small percentage, overall it's more like 0.064%
05-23-07 - 02:03 PM
hey fool, do you admit blu-ray is better?
05-23-07 - 06:12 PM
bluray will put up a fight. I mean, Sony has practice trying to lisence a new file format standard.
05-24-07 - 08:10 AM
funny that you ask me to admit something when you avoid making posts in the "PS3 loses 2 billion" news articles. ;)

But to answer your question, yes I think the specs for Bluray are superior to HDDVD. That doesn't mean I think it's a superior format. I prefer Toshiba to Sony personally, and I think if Bluray wins we can expect movie prices to stay in the $30+ dollar range. Frankly in a side by side comparison I doubt people could tell the difference between the two formats, and money talks. I would go with the cheaper format.
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