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XP vs Vista in games

Submitted by: Got Haggis? @ 10:53 AM | Monday, May 7, 2007 | (url: http://enthusiast...)

Hard OCP did some tests, and it looks like XP comes out the winner - regardless of video card drivers. The only game that had increased FPS in Vista was World of Warcraft.

05-07-07 - 12:00 PM
thought nvidia was going to release some new drivers here in the not too distant future to address many of these performance issues..
05-07-07 - 12:11 PM
the article claims its not a driver issue
05-07-07 - 12:14 PM
The discrepancy in framerates in COH is fucking huge.
05-07-07 - 12:26 PM
Were they using first-gen XP nVidia drivers in the test? I don't think so.

In six years, the same 'tests' will yeild completely different results.
05-07-07 - 01:11 PM
And the relevance of that is what, NoFiX? We're playing the games now, not in six years. Consequently, the performance is judged on an "as it is now" basis, not a theoretical basis. The fact is that running the same games on XP and Vista currently yields better performance. Thus, if you want to play your games at optimal performance, you use XP. Simple stuff.
05-07-07 - 02:34 PM
It's worth clarifying, that's all. Since they weren't capable of coming to that conclusion on their own.

A quote from their conclusion:

"To see this overall trend against Vista is very interesting and makes us wonder as to the cause."

I'm guessing it has something to do with not having six years of continuous development on the same driver model as XP.
05-07-07 - 03:00 PM
Yeah, I suppose you're right. The statistics themselves are pretty useful though.
05-07-07 - 05:10 PM
I did find it interesting that World of Warcraft got better frames in vista than xp, because my experience has been completely opposite.
05-07-07 - 05:20 PM
THE [H]!!
05-07-07 - 05:33 PM
They didn't test ATI cards. How can they come to any worthwhile conclusion about Vista after testing only one company's GPUs/drivers? They even claimed that because they tested different Forceware versions, they somehow ruled out drivers being a cause. Honestly, they're dipshits.
05-07-07 - 06:06 PM
If these results were scientific, which they aren't, they don't really mean shit against the Vista. It's pretty dumb to expect new software that doesn't get performance tested and tweaked for every single piece of software that it is compatible with will get better results.

Let's see this done again in 1 year and more scientific, otherwise, this is sort of a "no shit" moment for me.
05-07-07 - 09:22 PM
roflcock. While I do like M$ os's I'm not dumb enough to get them only a year or so out of release.
05-07-07 - 10:53 PM
Sigh, another Nvidia Biased piece of shit article....
05-08-07 - 03:24 AM
Honestly, I don't trust the [H] guy's reviews. They look and sound more professional than most websites', but you come across strange things like this all the time.

Case in point: their 'product overview' of the Killer NIC, which reads like a marketing piece and goes so far as to state that it offloads video processing. It's a fucking network adapter.
05-08-07 - 07:07 AM
actually the killer NIC does increase frames in some games.
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