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Sony now 'considering' 80GB PS3

Submitted by: Evil Light Bulb @ 01:10 PM | Monday, April 16, 2007 | (url: http://www.joysti...)

With the recent 'demise' of the 20GB PS3 in the North American and possibly European markets Sony is evaluating its options. This may include the release of an 80GB model to provide an even greater level of service to its customers. It is unknown exactly how Sony would be able to produce the 80GB while still meeting the absolutely overwhelming demands for its 60GB model. Considering its stock is at a five year high Sony must be absolutely thrilled with all of its recent successes.

04-16-07 - 01:13 PM
Game division set to boost profits

A Sony Computer Entertainment spokesperson has confirmed that the company is "considering" producing a new version of PlayStation 3 with a larger hard drive.

The comments come just weeks after Sony filed an FCC application which referred to an 80GB PS3. Currently 20GB and 60GB models are available in Japan, with SCEA recently announcing that the 20GB version is to be discontinued in North America.

According to Bloomberg, spokesperson Satoshi Fukuoka said the decision is "in line with our strategy as we had planned to choose models based on consumer needs".

Bloomberg also reports that Sony is "considering introducing the model with a bigger hard disk", as stated by Fukuoka. He did not provide any further details.

An article published earlier by Reuters quoted a Nikkei Business report which says Sony Corp. will enjoy a five-fold increase in operating profits this year.

The spike will be due to increased sales of LCD TVs and better performance by Sony's games division, according to Nikkei. Last year the division lost an estimated YEN 200 billion (USD 1.67 billion).

Nikkei also claimed that Sony will boost PS3 shipments in 2007/08 to 10 million units - a rise of more than 65 per cent over the 6 million units the company aimed to ship by March 2007. However, speaking to Bloomberg, Sony later denied the report.
04-16-07 - 06:43 PM
... why?

even with all my music and movies on my HD, i'm sure i wouldn't have broken 80gb if i didn't download so many torrents.
04-16-07 - 09:02 PM
Maybe they should consider making dust covers for their boxes too since they sit on the shelf for so long.
04-17-07 - 03:05 AM
you can already replace the HDD with any sata laptop hdd... you can also use a removable drive formatted FAT32. this really isn't all that useful, but i'm sure people will buy into it.
04-17-07 - 03:38 AM
i think that would be a shot in the foot if they did that.
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