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Mexico City offering computer hardware for surrendered guns

Submitted by: Moker @ 11:58 AM | Monday, April 2, 2007 | (url: http://tech.monst...)

In an ambitiously noble effort to cut down the enveloping surge of drugs-related violence running amok throughout the crime-addled streets of Mexico City, chief of police Joel Ortega has announced that anyone prepared to surrender a high-calibre weapon, such as a machine gun, will receive a free computer in exchange. And, perhaps in the interests of scale and fair play, anyone turning in a smaller calibre handgun will be presented with either cash remuneration or an Xbox videogame console.


04-03-07 - 05:07 AM
so now people are going to steal guns so they can get free xbox's :D
04-07-07 - 02:23 PM
why would they do this when they can just kill whoever and steal their computers AND xboxes?
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