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Dave Georgeson Interview

Submitted by: Imposter @ 10:11 AM | Wednesday, April 19, 2000 | (url: )

Continuing with their Tribes 2 week, Daily Radar has put up an interview with Dave Georgeson, Senior Producer/Director at Dynamix working on Tribes 2. Some pretty interesting stuff in the interview, including:

DR:What new vehicles will be available in Tribes 2?

DG:Ground vehicles, plus a revamp of the current fliers. The list is as follows (names and design elements are subject to change):

  • Ground Scout: A single-person, very fast, lightly armored vehicle with a forward-firing machine gun and the ability to drop mines and grenades behind it.

  • Assault Tank: Tough, three-person vehicle with a forward-firing plasma gun and two passengers able to provide covering fire.

  • Mobile Point Base: A huge, slow-moving, very tough vehicle capable of carrying seven people. This large hovering behemoth can be "grounded" and activated to form a forward base for the team. The vehicle comes complete with inventory, ammo, and command stations, as well as an AA gun and defense turrets.

  • Flying Scout: Similar to the Tribes 1 flier, but with a forward-firing machine gun. Aerial physics has been changed to make the scout much more nimble and shows inertia more so that the scout is more of a true flier.

  • Bomber: This three-person vehicle has a pilot (with a fixed-forward weapon), a bombardier (who can use a bombsight to drop devastating bombs on targets flown over) and a tailgunner who keeps those pesky flying scouts off the vehicle as it moves.

  • Heavy Transport: This vehicle carries up to five people. The vehicle is unarmed, however, all passengers except the pilot can freely fire in most directions. One passenger can assume the tailgunner position to cover the blind spot to the rear of the vehicle.
  • Also, "Skiing has been greatly reduced so that the role of vehicles is accentuated." You can check out the rest of the interview right here.

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