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Former Irrational Games employees now refuse to work with Ken Levine

Submitted by: FalseMyrmidon @ 01:53 PM | Monday, December 3, 2007 | (url: http://www.bit-te...)

"2K Boston is still recovering - a good chunk of the BioShock team did not want to work with Ken ever again, and 2K definitely understood the sentiment and let them set up a new studio so that they can make Bioshock 2, leaving Ken with Project X. A good chunk of the other senior 2K Boston people who were sick of Ken but didn't move to San Francisco ended up scattering to other AAA developers instead. In Quincy, they're essentially rebuilding a team from almost scratch again."

I wonder if KineticPoet is among the people that left.

[Plz halp!] BioShock shader patch petition!

Submitted by: Spexx @ 08:19 PM | Wednesday, August 22, 2007 | (url: http://forums.2kg...)



A lot of other people have already shown a lot of very similar concern, so this is turning out to be a, "in the best interest of the company" type issue. Please sign and help a brother out, won't you?

BioShock Delayed to August

Submitted by: oodLes @ 09:57 PM | Thursday, March 1, 2007 | (url: http://games.kiki...)

"August is the new June for publisher 2K Games, which has revealed that its story-boosting shooter BioShock will miss its target release date and won't be out until later in the year."