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Base+ Is Coming

Submitted by: Ratorasniki @ 10:29 PM | Wednesday, May 24, 2000 | (url: )

In our ever-informative forums, Dave G. from Dynamix posted the following tidbits:

Talked to Mark Frohnmayer today. There's been a lot of requests for Base+ to be released publicly. He's in favor, and so am I. Soooo...after a few more tweaks, he's going to package it up and release it to y'all. You can then tear into it on servers that can support a load.
We'll probably keep making tweaks (and calling it BasePlus 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc.) but you can start playing with it in real team matches and such and see what it does to your tactics and strats.

Let us know!


Oh yeah. No release date yet. Just soon...

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UVALAN 2: Ready to Rock

Submitted by: Calliope @ 08:47 PM | Wednesday, May 24, 2000 | (url: )

Received word today that the UVALAN 2 site is up, and that signups are open for anyone interested in attending. Dates for the conference are July 27-30 (Thurs-Sun), and you can come for whichever days work for you. It will be held again at the Doubletree hotel. The website is located at Get all your UVALAN 2 information and sign up to go there. See you in Virginia!

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More Vehicle Updates

Submitted by: Ratorasniki @ 07:53 PM | Wednesday, May 24, 2000 | (url: )

Ripped from that sameTribesplayersthread:

Clarification on the "tailgunner" term:
All normal seats (non-pilot, non-bombardier, and non-turret gunner) can fire normally as in T1. The difference between a regular seat and the tailgunner seat is basically just position.

All the fliers intentionally have some blindspots so that aerial fighters have weaknesses to exploit. However, the tailgunner position is situated to be able to cover many of these long as the vehicle actually has someone manning the tailgunner position.

Get it? Balance and counterbalance.

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Tribal Wallpaper

Submitted by: Rayn @ 07:01 PM | Wednesday, May 24, 2000 | (url: )

I just finished off some Tribal Wall Windows wallpaper. The image is a collage of the various Tribes 2 images that have been released. Its designed for 800x600, but it stretches out nicely to fill the whole screen on my 1152x800. Here's a little preview:

Tribal War Wallpaper (jpg 170k)

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More On Tribes 2 Vehicles

Submitted by: Ratorasniki @ 11:33 AM | Wednesday, May 24, 2000 | (url: )

Ripped right from thisTribesplayers thread

Dispelling some's the skinny on vehicles...
(or rather...*SOME* of the skinny)

NOTE: All details below are subject to change without notice.

-- Aerial fighter: Currently with twin-chainguns. Fast, nimble, lightly shielded.
-- Aerial scout: No guns, but has a small AWACs-style mechanism under it that brings all overflown targets onto the sensor net. Need to find that nasty sniper out on the periphery? Go get him.
-- Bomber: Three-person vehicle. Tougher than scout and slower. Has pilot, bombardier and tailgunner. Bombardier has rack of 40 bombs to dispense for carpet-bombing.
-- Heavy Transport: Very tough, but no guns or special abilities. Carries pilot, plus four seated, plus tailgunner.

-- Ground scout: No weapons. Lightly shielded. Goes like a bat out of hell.
-- Assault Sled: Like a mobile base turret with superior shielding. Can be selected in different flavors (plasma tank, fusion tank, etc.) Has three-man crew...driver, turret gunner, and outrider. Turret gunner mans and shoots the big gun while the outrider covers the vehicle against close assault.
-- Mobile Point Base: Much different now than originally. Only has one crew. Has an full base inventory station and an active sensor jammer. Moves ponderously (still big), but is heavily shielded. No weapons. Usually escorted by jumpjetting suits. Used to quickly set up a forward firing base and harrass the enemy.

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Tonight on TsN

Submitted by: Calliope @ 11:26 AM | Wednesday, May 24, 2000 | (url: )

The Tribes Shoutcast Network has one live shoutcast scheduled for tonight: AI vs. Flavours at 9:00pm EST. For more information or to connect to the shoutcast stream, visit TsN here.

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Tribes 2 at

Submitted by: Calliope @ 11:14 AM | Wednesday, May 24, 2000 | (url: ) has decided to cater to its gaming audience with a sweeping preview of T2, including a Flash movie screen-type thing with ever-changing screenshots and captions. Want a little?

As you probably know, the developers at Dynamix are assuring us that this time around there will be a strong focus on the clan aspect of the game, allowing online gamers to join up with or create their own clans very quickly and easily. This is only one of the improvements being made, but it's a big one that fans of the original Tribes are very excited about.
The rest of the article is here, and once you're done with that there are five more links to other Incite T2 articles at the bottom. Thanks again, Madhatter!

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One More From E3

Submitted by: Calliope @ 11:02 AM | Wednesday, May 24, 2000 | (url: )

I received an e-mail from Madhatter about's E3 and Tribes 2 review, which we missed when it was first released. It's the same general idea as the others, but includes some details that seem to be new. Here's a taste:

The graphics are simply fantastic. The projectile trails are incredible (especially on the new guided rocket launcher). Explosions are bright and detailed. The player models and skins are nicely done, and highly detailed. When looking down, you not only see your character's legs and feet, as demonstrated in previous videos, but you also see the horns on the Bioderms. The terrain is lush and varied, and the water... ahhhhhhh the water... the water is not only fun to look at, but also fun to play with. Waves will lap at the shore, with water levels rising and falling. An additional piece of eye candy comes in the form of the new cloaking pack, which casts a shimmering translucent effect over you.
To read the entire article, click here.

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T2 + Mötley Crüe .. Together At Last

Submitted by: Calliope @ 11:20 PM | Tuesday, May 23, 2000 | (url: )

In case you hadn't heard (and keeping in mind that you may never hear again), Mötley Crüe is doing the soundtrack for Tribes 2. The great 80s arena rock band has written some songs specifically for the game (including one called .. umm .. Tribes), and have granted an interview to Here's a piece:

IGNPC: How did this whole gig with Tribes 2 start up? How did you guys get into this?

Nikki Sixx: Originally there was a connection between 58, another band
that I’m in, and another game, and some things happened and the project got derailed. Then this new game came up, Tribes 2, and it was very up Mötley Crüe’s alley. It was high-energy, very intense. We actually wrote music specifically for the game, as well as taking a few tracks off of the new album, and we’re extremely excited about it. Now they’re actually going to digitize us and put us in the game.
For the rest of the interview, click here.

Thanks, Madhatter!

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E5 Says Goodbye

Submitted by: Calliope @ 11:09 PM | Tuesday, May 23, 2000 | (url: )

E5, which until last night held the number 13 rung on the OGL ladder, has announced that they have retired from OGL play. The decision was driven by the collective decision of the Beastyman, GodErnst, Dweezil and MrChad to leave the clan as they leave E5 itself. Goodbyes are posted on our forums. Here's a taste, from Beastyman:

Anyway, we've decided that our match vs. Infinite Facet tonight will be E5's last OGL match. In two days the halls of Ellicott will be silent and [E5] will no longer be on OGL. Leading [E5] has been a large part of my life for the past year and a half, but all good things must come to an end, and it seems fitting that [E5] leaves OGL at the same time that half of our members leave Ellicott. I'll probably still be around in IRC occasionally, as Im sure most people will, and you may even catch me pubbing on cheaters once in a while, but at least for now, Myself and most of the rest of the team is going to take a much-deserved vacation from a Video-Game
There's more to say, but this isn't the place to do it. You can read the rest of this thread and post your own thoughts and sentiments here.

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TW Exclusive: T2 Pics!

Submitted by: Bacchus @ 09:25 PM | Tuesday, May 23, 2000 | (url: )

Ah yes, the countdown for Tribes 2. The days seem like weeks; the hours like days. We salivate over each new screenshot as if they were gold, patiently anticipating the game's release. We've seen the pics of the environments, the skins, and the vehicles. But it's only a panacea for our excitement. To add even more pain to our period of waiting, Tribalwar is proud to premiere a new series of screenshots, including the "official first Tribes 2 Mid-Air" shot! You won't find these anywhere else, folks. Our deepest thanks to both Sierra Studios and Dynamix for releasing these pics to you - the guys and gals who form the nucleus of our Tribes Community. What are you waiting for? Check out the shots here!

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WSBN Broadcasts Tonight

Submitted by: Ratorasniki @ 05:00 PM | Tuesday, May 23, 2000 | (url: )

WarWitch sent this along:

The WSBN brings you an epic battle tonight!

S3 goes toe to toe with the Abusive for the #2 rank on the OGL ladder!

Dial in tonight at 6pm PST (9pm EST) as Warwitch brings you his pre-game
show, featuring music and a battlefield interview with =S3= Farm!

Then stick around as the game begins at 7pm PST!

Visit our website: for all connect information.

Join us TONIGHT for what is sure to be a groundbreaking shoutcast!

Tell your friends, your tribe, and your foes!

It's time to rock once again with the WSBN!
With both #1 and #2 games being broadcast tonight, it should be an interesting night indeed.

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It Came From TsN!

Submitted by: Ratorasniki @ 04:28 PM | Tuesday, May 23, 2000 | (url: )

5150 takes on Jamz tonight for the #1 rung on the OGL Ladder. Match time is 10 EST, and this promises to be a fun game. Wonderdog and Beatstick have the call, so you can count on some really um...vivid descriptions *winks at wonderdog*.

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Patch Problems?

Submitted by: Calliope @ 11:24 PM | Monday, May 22, 2000 | (url: )

Tribesplayers offers the following advice regarding the Tribes v1.11 patch:

1) The new patch installer "Wise" is allowing partial installs of the wrong patches. Once the wrong patch is applied the users will need to install from the CD. Users need to verify the version number they have and which one they are getting before applying any patch.
2) The patches are looking for a number of files such as Release.txt. If you do not have this file on your client the patches will not apply. I believe this is being manually deleted due to the large number of readme files we are installing(a new one with each patch).

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Want More T2?

Submitted by: Calliope @ 07:42 PM | Monday, May 22, 2000 | (url: )

Still more new Tribes 2 screenshots for you over at Tribesplayers. As always, the images speak louder than my words, so check them out here.

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