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IF vs E5 on TsN

Submitted by: Ratorasniki @ 01:51 PM | Monday, May 22, 2000 | (url: )

Tonight on TsN, Infinite Facet squares off against E5 for the number 13 spot on the OGL ladder. Looks to be a very good game, you should tune in and give it a listen. The match starts at 9 EST.

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Yet More E3 Goodness

Submitted by: Ratorasniki @ 09:32 PM | Sunday, May 21, 2000 | (url: )

Planet Starsiege has posted some more E3 pictures taken by Rifter. Rifter was actually nice enough to send me to pictures when he got back from E3 saying he would wait a while to post them, but i figure since he was going to anyways we'll just hold on to them for later. In the meantime you can check out Rifters new gallery here.

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Tribes 2 Poster

Submitted by: Calliope @ 06:45 PM | Sunday, May 21, 2000 | (url: )

The folks over at Fragtopia have scanned and posted a Tribes 2 poster. You have to see this; it's incredible! Wallpaper, anyone?

To see the poster, click here.

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BWAdmin Updated

Submitted by: Calliope @ 06:29 PM | Sunday, May 21, 2000 | (url: )

I received this in an email today from Barrysworld's Poker:

As promised, BWAdmin has been updated yet again. This time it has contributions from Wizard (author of Team Aerial Combat) and Mental Trousers, both of the TeamPlayers Guild, as well as more from myself.

I believe BWAdmin is possibly the most complete, configurable and
interesting BASE admin mod now. It should seriously be considered by anyone wanting greater control over their servers. It has an extensive feature list, great manual and is an almost indispensible tool for leagues, match admins and players alike.

There are also additional fixes for problems in the vanilla (base) version of TRIBES in this release. No more running over the CTF flag and only returning your own (which was already there) for a start!
BWAdmin is only available to server admin right now, but Barrysworld is welcoming all inquiries.

For all the details of the update, click here.

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WSBN Tonight

Submitted by: Calliope @ 06:21 PM | Sunday, May 21, 2000 | (url: )

WSBN is scheduled to shoutcast the match between Ex Nihilo and The Sodas tonight at 9:00 pm EST for the #18 rung on the OGL ladder. It will be called by Warwitch.

For more information or to connect to the shoutcast, click here.

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Another T2 Screenshot

Submitted by: Calliope @ 02:13 PM | Sunday, May 21, 2000 | (url: )

It's blurred but it's new .. apparently someone just got their pictures back from E3 and found a snapshot
of Tribes 2 in the roll. Check it out here.

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T2: Hands-on Review

Submitted by: Calliope @ 02:07 PM | Sunday, May 21, 2000 | (url: )

The folks over at ZDnet's Gamespot got the chance to play Tribes 2 hands on at E3. Here's a bit of what they had to say:

The gameplay takes place on a number of different planets that will have their own unique appearances, topography, weather, and in some cases, natural disasters. We didn't get to see all the new weather effects, but were told that the completed game would feature snow, rain, lightning storms, quicksand, and more. Fortunately, we did get to see some of the new weapons in action. The newly-revamped disc thrower packs an even bigger punch than before, while the deadly new rocket launcher can fire a tracking smart missile that skims the terrain with unerring accuracy toward a foe that's hundreds of meters away. The only catch with the smart missile is that you'll need an advance scout to spot your enemy for you, and to keep him in sight while the missile is tracking. We watched as a missile was fired toward a low-flying vehicle that tried to swoop behind a nearby hill for cover - but the missile maneuvered just the same, and smashed the vehicle anyway.
The article is general, but it provides some interesting new details on the game. You can read it in it's entirety here.

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TribesIP Updated

Submitted by: Ratorasniki @ 01:21 PM | Sunday, May 21, 2000 | (url: )

Thanks to Cowboy for dropping by our irc channel, #tribalwar, to give us the news:

OK. TribesIP 3.5 is finally done! I've added some cool features, like Individual Server Query, GameServerList.cs search, and a few other things! This one requires mIRC 5.7 or 5.71, and is a breeze to install and use! I have had a LOT of people test this out, I'd like to thank them all for their help -- even though I don't remember hearing of any bug reports
You can grab this very usefull mIRC script at CB's site, or you can grab it directly from his TribesIP Page.

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JAMZ Server Up

Submitted by: Rayn @ 02:08 PM | Saturday, May 20, 2000 | (url: )

ItzGman of JAMZ sent word that they've put up a new server:

"JAMZ has opened up a really great new public server based on the East Coast. Run out of Virginia, the server is on a shared OC 12 connection! ReD's PhAt PuB [JAMZ] IP: The owner/operator and admin is redwing of JAMZ. Itz running network outputs of 500/30 for the best ping and framerate possible - @home users should run anywhere from 20 to 50 ping
We can never get enough quality servers, thanks for sending word.

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Dueling Tourney starts soon

Submitted by: Monkey_b @ 09:12 AM | Saturday, May 20, 2000 | (url: )

Word has come from MysT, that his 1v1 dueling tournament will be starting soon. As of yet 119 duelers have signed up, this looks to be a promising event.

Matchups will be posted by Sunday the 21st at 9 PM EST. You can view matchups by visiting the official website.

Feel free to stop by #MDT in Dynamix IRC if you have any questions. Please be sure to review the tournament rules before you begin dueling. Good luck to all contestants.

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Tribes: True, True

Submitted by: Rayn @ 07:11 PM | Friday, May 19, 2000 | (url: )

First, came the 'whazzup' sound pack, now 'whazzup' does Tribes - full movie style. {DDT}Tabarnak sent us in a Tribes version of the Budweiser commercial. The movie speaks for itself, its zipped and in MPG format.

Download: Tribes Whazzup (9.6MB)

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Dave on T2 Feedback

Submitted by: Fubar @ 05:10 PM | Friday, May 19, 2000 | (url: )

You don't think your feedback is taken into consideration? Think again. This is what Dave had to say on the subject of the feedback he has received about Tribes 2.

"I've never had this quality of feedback while in production before. I've had this VOLUME of feedback before (during the Mechwarrior and Heavy Gear series), but not this quality.

Thanks folks."

So keep the constructive feedback coming. A direct link to the thread can be found here.

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Another T2 Tidbit

Submitted by: Calliope @ 01:11 PM | Friday, May 19, 2000 | (url: ) has posted a short article with their opinions and reactions to Tribes 2. Here's a bit of what they have to say:

One of the coolest new features we saw in the game at E3 was one of the new weapons – the seeking missile launcher. This missile launcher can be carried by anyone in medium armor and, as the name suggests, it will actually follow its target. While this may sound like it will give a big advantage to the wielder, there are some drawbacks to the weapon. First off, it’s not as powerful as the mortar, so don’t go in expecting to take out heavy turrets with one blast. Also, to use the seeking ability to its full advantage, you’ll have to have a painter focused on your target for the entire time the missile is in flight. This leaves your support team very vulnerable to attack, especially since the laser targeter is of no use in battle. Of course, the seeking missiles will work with beacons too, so expect to see highly organized tribes using these electronic devices much more in the sequel than we’re used to seeing in the original Tribes.
Check out the entire article here.

Thanks, (d-i)Madhatter!

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Nerzhuls VIP Server Back Up

Submitted by: Calliope @ 01:03 PM | Friday, May 19, 2000 | (url: )

I got this in my INBOX this morning:

After being down for over two weeks, Ner`zhul's VIP server is finally back online! If you didn't know, Ner`zhul's is the happening place to be for VIP Assassination action! So next time you start up Tribes don't go play CTF, don't go play C&H, don't even go play D&D, come to Ner`zhul's VIP server and assassinate a few VIPs!
And there you have it. Check out the VIP Assassination homepage here.

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Answers to your Questions

Submitted by: Rayn @ 06:06 AM | Friday, May 19, 2000 | (url: )

Dave Georgeson recently responded to some of the questioned posed by miscellaneous players who had viewed the latest Tribes 2 movie you should've seen by now. Here's a list of answers straight from our forums, thanks Dave for taking time out to answer our questions:

  • Flight modelling will NOT be realistic. We're going for fun flight models. Not Jane's Guide to Tribes. Sorry, man...but we'll be doing something more arcady than you sound like you want. Don't worry will be light years beyond T1.
  • There will be flight instrumentation. Probably on a translucent screen of some sort that is part of the dash. Not sure which items yet, but airspeed, vehicle damage, and altimeter are likely.
  • A Bitchin' Betty voice would be cool. See what we can do.
  • Ammo on vehicles is planned. Probably can reload on the vehicle pad also.
  • N,E,W,S is here to stay friends. Get used to it.
  • Tribes got seatbelts. Heh. No falling out of inverted turbogravs unless you jump.
  • No idea which video card is best. We currently use GeForces. The GeForce 2's were great at the show. I'm sure the Voodoo 5 will rock too.
  • We'll be doing new movies soon. We're doing a dogfight tonight with dual-mounted chainguns on scouts. Six of us all at once. Should be fun.
  • Mouse sensitivity will be scalable.
  • Hercs are old tech by today's standards. heh. Okay, real rationalizations...but don't look for Hercs in Tribes anytime soon.
  • Observer mode and league broadcasts will (hopefully) be getting massive upgrades. No details will be released on this until very late in the game because I want us to surprise some competitors (RHIL!).
  • Freelook is a separate control and easily used while flying.
  • Strafe keys can't be used for roll because some vehicles (like the Scout) can actually drift left/right while hovering. (Currently, anyway...)
Looking for the questions? Check out this thread.

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