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Garage Games gets Stomped

Submitted by: Imposter @ 11:01 AM | Wednesday, March 14, 2001 | (url: ) has kicked up their own Q&A session with Jeff Tunnell, President of Garage Games, regarding...well hell if you don't know by now forget it. Here's a snip:

Stomped: Even though the folks at GarageGames have huge ties to Dynamix, this newly announced deal is certainly a big change in the way source code is released. First, why did you wish to obtain the rights to the Tribes 2 source code?

Tunnell: We actually had this idea two years ago when the Open Source movement was really starting to gain momentum. Tim, Rick, Mark (Frohnmayer), and I were thinking about different business ideas, and had discussed several options with Dave Grenewetski, President of Sierra. None of them panned out, and this one was so far from the norm, that I was kind of ashamed to talk about it. Somehow we were able to work it out, especially thanks to Mark Hood, Sr. V.P of Development at Sierra. Believe it or not, we have had lawyers working on this deal ever since. It was an incredibly complicated deal.

Be sure to check the rest out, this really is great news for every would be game-programmer out there!

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Jeff Tunnell on the V12

Submitted by: Imposter @ 12:01 AM | Wednesday, March 14, 2001 | (url: )

Yesterday GarageGames announced that they had signed a deal with Sierra/Dynamix to license the Tribes 2 enginge as their own, retitled the V12 engine. The big news is, anyone can purchase the engine for a mere $100! We figured with news this big we had to ask someone some questions, so we went straigt to the horses mouse. Here is our short Q&A session with Jeff Tunnell, the President of Garage Games:

TW: Any current games in development using the T2/V12 engine, or is this release the first anyone's heard about it?

JT: We just announced the source code sub-licensing agreement, so nothing has started yet. However, if the activity on our site is any indication, we will have many, many games in development soon. In addition to the independent game makers, I hope to be able to announce some very interesting deals with some well known developers...

TW: Does GarageGames also have rights to sell licenses on console systems such as the Xbox, and if so is GG in discussions with any console maker or cosole game maker regarding the V12 engine?

JT: We don't have any console plans right now. The X-Box, with it's PC-like architecture would make the most sense. As our products start to come to life, we will be exploring these possibilities.

TW: When will Mark Frohnmayer (currently the Lead Programmer for Tribes 2) start work at GarageGames and leave Dynamix?

JT: Mark has committed to completing Tribes 2. He has also committed to drinking some cold drinks on a hot beach for a while. Tribes 2 was an intense project, so we understand. We'll see him once he is tanned.

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Daily Shots

Submitted by: Imposter @ 11:42 PM | Tuesday, March 13, 2001 | (url: )

Today we'll take a look at some of the Tribes 2 dev team from some in-meta shots:


Here we have (left to right) Dave "Diamondback" Meddish - Tribes 2 Mission Building Guru, Eric "Rated-z" Lanz - who designs and builds multiplayer missions, and our favorite #Tribalwar idler, Jesse "Dr Awkward" Russell - single player mission designer and all around scripting God.

All of these shots are courtesy of Fubar from this thread on our forums. If you have a nice Tribes 2 shot you think we should feature in our Daily Shots, send it to me!

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V12 Engine Info

Submitted by: Imposter @ 05:57 PM | Tuesday, March 13, 2001 | (url: )

Hot on the heals of the announcement that GarageGames has licensed the T2 engine and worked it into their own V12 engine, here's some further infor for you cats:

  • First, the engine is not ready yet, so you can't buy it right now. If you'd like to be notified when it is available to purchase, you can sign up on this page. The expected first release is in April. It costs a mere $100 plus shipping.
  • GarageGames gets to publish the game and gets a cut of the royalties. You must work through them to distribute it.
  • No first person shooter using the V12 engine can be released until after 7/12/01.
  • For technical information on the V12 engine and its features go here.
  • You can also read the FAQ on the V12.
  • A shortened version of the license can be read here, while the whole end user agreement is over here, in legalize.
  • More information can be found on the V12 home page. Here's a shot from the engine, a place I'd love to go to on vacation:

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    Garage Games and T2 Engine

    Submitted by: Imposter @ 04:48 PM | Tuesday, March 13, 2001 | (url: )

    Awhile back there was a lot of talk about Garage Games which is owned by a couple of the Tribes 1 dev team members and the Tribes 2 engine. Today we find out what was up, via a press release at Stomped:


    EUGENE, OREGON - March 13, 2001 - GarageGames announces a historic agreement to sell and license the technology engine powering Sierra’s Tribes 2 to independent game makers world-wide. The agreement gets the source code into the hands of game makers around the world, plus gives them a chance to get their products published in the traditional “box retail” channel.

    GarageGames, a pioneering on-line game publisher, officially launched its site at, in October, 2000 with services such as an on-line game development jobs marketplace and a game making resource portal. GarageGames’ mission is to provide independent game makers with tools, technology, education, team building, and a market - whatever they need - to make and sell great games.

    “GarageGames is being built by professional game makers who are committed to publishing truly original and exciting products. This deal with Sierra is an example of our vision of providing game makers with state-of-the-art tools as well as how we will help our developers find a market for their games,” said Jeff Tunnell, founder and President of GarageGames.

    “Our version of the Tribes 2 technology, christened the V12 Engine, will have all of the Tribes 2 specific intellectual property, such as models, skins, and encryption removed before the source code is released for purchase at our site after the Computer Game Developer’s Conference in late March. Soon after that, we will release a demo, example source code, and begin our own set of improvements in order to keep the technology on the cutting edge, “ said Rick Overman, founder and Chief Technology Officer.

    In addition to licensing the technology to GarageGames, stellar games that sell on the GarageGames site, may be given the opportunity to be distributed through Sierra’s retail distribution channel. “Sierra sees this as a wonderful opportunity to leverage our investment in the Tribes 2 technology to a world wide base of innovative developers. We see GarageGames as a farm team that can bring many ideas to life,” says Mark Hood, Sr. VP of Development at Sierra.

    GarageGames will be selling sub-licenses to the source code for the V12 Technology at its website for $100. In addition, developers must agree to publish their products through the GarageGames website and give them the rights to represent the products in the retail channel. Tim Gift, founder and Director of Development, says, "For less the price of a graphics editor, developers can use a state of the art, AAA technology platform that lets them bring their gaming vision to life. This is an incredible opportunity!

    Woah $100 bucks huh? Should be some pretty damn sweet games out of this one!

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    New hosted website!

    Submitted by: RazorJack @ 04:48 PM | Tuesday, March 13, 2001 | (url: )

    For MOD Development, be sure to stop by #coders on the IRC Dynamix Network or visit their website hosted on Tribalwar. They will try and help with any questions you have regarding MODS, or scripting but are also looking for new people to help out.

    Check it out!

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    Gamespy Shots

    Submitted by: Imposter @ 04:21 PM | Tuesday, March 13, 2001 | (url: )

    Rifter from over at Planet Starsiege let us know that you can catch 11 new Tribes 2 shots over at

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    Gamers Sanctuary Reviews Tribes 2

    Submitted by: Imposter @ 11:31 AM | Tuesday, March 13, 2001 | (url: )

    Proving that you can never get enough of a good thing, has put out word of yet another Tribes 2 review, this one at Here's a rip:

    To sweeten the deal, Dynamix has added 6 mobile vehicles: three for ground and three to rule the air. The three air units are named the SHRIKE fighter, Thundersword bomber, and Havoc Heavy Transport. The SHRIKE fighter is flown by one person, has dual chain guns, and relies more on agility and speed than pure firepower. The Thundersword Bomber has a crew of three: a pilot, bombardier, and tailgunner. It comes equipped with 40 bombs. Imagine a huge bomb coming at you while all you have is body armor. The final airship is the Havoc Heavy Transport, which as the name implies, is a heavily armored transport manned by two men, and can carry 4 other people. Although slow, it is slow moving death since the 4 people who are the passengers can whip out their guns from windows and lay waste to anything it finds. The ground unit Wildcat is like SHRIKE fighter, but made for the ground. Sort of like a scooter in our present time, but faster. Beowulf Assault vehicle has a crew of two, one for a pilot and the other gunner. It is a mobile turret that carries along either plasma cannons or mortars. Finally, the last vehicle is the Jericho Mobile Point Base. It is basically just a mobile base that can bring supplies to the warriors in the battlefield, and comes outfitted with a sensor jam.

    Check out the entire article here, it has some pretty nice shots to keep your eyes happy too.

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    3DActionPlanet reviews Tribes 2

    Submitted by: Imposter @ 10:27 AM | Tuesday, March 13, 2001 | (url: )

    You can catch the latest review of Tribes 2 over at 3DActionPlanet. Here's your snippage:

    One of the many innovations for FPS games that Tribes introduced was vehicles. In Tribes 2, the vehicles become a much more integral part of the game. Lets start with the Thundersword bomber. It holds 3 people: pilot, bombardier, and tail gunner. It takes a good pilot/bombardier team to be effective, but it also requires a good tail gunner to fire flares to avoid missiles and to shoot down enemy aircraft. The Beowulf Assault tank, with its machine gun and mortar turret, is a formidable vehicle for base sieges. Unlike earlier pictures, the Beowulf is now a grav tank. It stays near the ground, much like the Grav Cycle. The mobile point base makes it quicker and easier to deploy to the front lines, and comes with an inventory station and turret on the top.

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    Round 8 Immunity Clue

    Submitted by: Imposter @ 11:45 PM | Monday, March 12, 2001 | (url: )

    Today we start Round 8 of the Tribal Survivor competition. 9 contestants are left in the Starwolf Tribe, but by Thursday we'll be down to 8. It's time for your next clue, so here it is:

    We've seen your heavy skills, and we've seen your light, now lets split the difference. Be sure your backpacks are on tight, this is going to be one dangerous trip.

    Be sure to join #Starwolf to root for your friends, and tune into TsN on Wednesday at 10pm EST to hear the action.

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    OGL's Software Transition

    Submitted by: Imposter @ 11:36 PM | Monday, March 12, 2001 | (url: )

    This was sent out to team captains on the OGL:

    Just wanted to pass along an early warning to all of you that we have recently finished our new competition system, and are preparing to begin the process of transition over to the new system. For those of you who haven't seen any of the articles yet, here's a couple of links that will provide you with a pretty good overview of what to expect in the new system. Very worthwhile reading.

    Tribalwar "Sneak Preview Of OGL Software":

    Esports-America Sneak Peek:

    In the next couple of days, you will receive instructions via mail here, and by announcement on the website, on how to move your team to the new system. It's very important that you do this quickly, to prevent other people from taking control of your clans - and making a big mess we have to sort out. We will send you complete instructions on what to do. You should keep those instructions to yourself, until we announce a general call for all OGL members to sign up - and that way you have the least likelihood of someone else trying to squat on your clan name.

    The OGL will make every attempt to protect your ownership of a clan name. However, the first person to create a clan becomes the "owner" in the new system - so if you dawdle, it's going to be a pain to reclaim a clan name someone else squatted on.

    Please hold your questions until you receive the "green light" email
    containing the new url for the new site. We'll have staff people standing by in IRC and email to help you get everything sorted out.


    Online Gaming League

    Also, in case you missed it, current rankings will carry over to the new software.

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    Daily Shots

    Submitted by: Imposter @ 11:31 PM | Monday, March 12, 2001 | (url: )

    Here are some more nice shots from the Tribes 2 Meta:


    The first two shots are from Old_skul, the 3rd is from our own Razorjack. If you have a nice Tribes 2 shot you think we should feature in our Daily Shots, send it to me!

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    Tribes 2 Wargamer Preview

    Submitted by: Imposter @ 09:22 PM | Monday, March 12, 2001 | (url: )

    There's yet another preview of Tribes 2 up on Included are the obligatory pics of course.

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    Tonight on TsN!

    Submitted by: Imposter @ 08:26 PM | Monday, March 12, 2001 | (url: )

    Tonight on the Tribes Shoutcast Network catch the action as the Doctors challenge Red Death to the #7 position on the OGL. Match time is 10:00pm EST, called by WarWitch and Board. Join #tsn on or check out the TsN website for more information.

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    And the Vote goes to...

    Submitted by: Imposter @ 08:07 PM | Monday, March 12, 2001 | (url: )

    Team Starwolf had to revote due to a tie between Mega_Boris and Messiah, each got 4 votes apiece. We've received the final votes, and with 5 of the 8 possible votes, Messiah is eliminated from Tribal Survivor.

    To bring you up todate if you've missed some things, here are the contestants remaining:

    Starwolf Tribe

    We start Round 8 tomorrow, which brings us to the halfway point! The contestants are competiting for $100, be sure to tune in tomorrow when we'll post the next clue, and Wednesday at 10pm est as we bring you the next Immunity Challenge!

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