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3DActionPlanet reviews Tribes 2

Submitted by: Imposter @ 10:27 AM | Tuesday, March 13, 2001 | (url: )

You can catch the latest review of Tribes 2 over at 3DActionPlanet. Here's your snippage:

One of the many innovations for FPS games that Tribes introduced was vehicles. In Tribes 2, the vehicles become a much more integral part of the game. Lets start with the Thundersword bomber. It holds 3 people: pilot, bombardier, and tail gunner. It takes a good pilot/bombardier team to be effective, but it also requires a good tail gunner to fire flares to avoid missiles and to shoot down enemy aircraft. The Beowulf Assault tank, with its machine gun and mortar turret, is a formidable vehicle for base sieges. Unlike earlier pictures, the Beowulf is now a grav tank. It stays near the ground, much like the Grav Cycle. The mobile point base makes it quicker and easier to deploy to the front lines, and comes with an inventory station and turret on the top.

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Round 8 Immunity Clue

Submitted by: Imposter @ 11:45 PM | Monday, March 12, 2001 | (url: )

Today we start Round 8 of the Tribal Survivor competition. 9 contestants are left in the Starwolf Tribe, but by Thursday we'll be down to 8. It's time for your next clue, so here it is:

We've seen your heavy skills, and we've seen your light, now lets split the difference. Be sure your backpacks are on tight, this is going to be one dangerous trip.

Be sure to join #Starwolf to root for your friends, and tune into TsN on Wednesday at 10pm EST to hear the action.

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OGL's Software Transition

Submitted by: Imposter @ 11:36 PM | Monday, March 12, 2001 | (url: )

This was sent out to team captains on the OGL:

Just wanted to pass along an early warning to all of you that we have recently finished our new competition system, and are preparing to begin the process of transition over to the new system. For those of you who haven't seen any of the articles yet, here's a couple of links that will provide you with a pretty good overview of what to expect in the new system. Very worthwhile reading.

Tribalwar "Sneak Preview Of OGL Software":

Esports-America Sneak Peek:

In the next couple of days, you will receive instructions via mail here, and by announcement on the website, on how to move your team to the new system. It's very important that you do this quickly, to prevent other people from taking control of your clans - and making a big mess we have to sort out. We will send you complete instructions on what to do. You should keep those instructions to yourself, until we announce a general call for all OGL members to sign up - and that way you have the least likelihood of someone else trying to squat on your clan name.

The OGL will make every attempt to protect your ownership of a clan name. However, the first person to create a clan becomes the "owner" in the new system - so if you dawdle, it's going to be a pain to reclaim a clan name someone else squatted on.

Please hold your questions until you receive the "green light" email
containing the new url for the new site. We'll have staff people standing by in IRC and email to help you get everything sorted out.


Online Gaming League

Also, in case you missed it, current rankings will carry over to the new software.

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Daily Shots

Submitted by: Imposter @ 11:31 PM | Monday, March 12, 2001 | (url: )

Here are some more nice shots from the Tribes 2 Meta:


The first two shots are from Old_skul, the 3rd is from our own Razorjack. If you have a nice Tribes 2 shot you think we should feature in our Daily Shots, send it to me!

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Tribes 2 Wargamer Preview

Submitted by: Imposter @ 09:22 PM | Monday, March 12, 2001 | (url: )

There's yet another preview of Tribes 2 up on Included are the obligatory pics of course.

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Tonight on TsN!

Submitted by: Imposter @ 08:26 PM | Monday, March 12, 2001 | (url: )

Tonight on the Tribes Shoutcast Network catch the action as the Doctors challenge Red Death to the #7 position on the OGL. Match time is 10:00pm EST, called by WarWitch and Board. Join #tsn on or check out the TsN website for more information.

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And the Vote goes to...

Submitted by: Imposter @ 08:07 PM | Monday, March 12, 2001 | (url: )

Team Starwolf had to revote due to a tie between Mega_Boris and Messiah, each got 4 votes apiece. We've received the final votes, and with 5 of the 8 possible votes, Messiah is eliminated from Tribal Survivor.

To bring you up todate if you've missed some things, here are the contestants remaining:

Starwolf Tribe

We start Round 8 tomorrow, which brings us to the halfway point! The contestants are competiting for $100, be sure to tune in tomorrow when we'll post the next clue, and Wednesday at 10pm est as we bring you the next Immunity Challenge!

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The Votes are In..

Submitted by: Imposter @ 07:10 PM | Monday, March 12, 2001 | (url: )

Last night drshoktar won immunity in our King of the Hill immunity challenge, and today Team Starwolf had to vote for the first time as a Tribe one of it's members out. Here's the tally:

  • One vote for Glare
  • Four votes for Messiah
  • Four votes for Mega_Boris

    Which means, once again, we have a tie! The Tribe will revote, they have until 11pm EST. We'll let you know how things go!

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  • Daily Shots

    Submitted by: Imposter @ 06:53 PM | Monday, March 12, 2001 | (url: )

    Now that the NDA is gone from the Meta/Beta testers there's a lot of shots out there. Every day from now until Tribes 2 launches we'll be posting a few ourselves, just to have some nice eyecandy on the site.


    These 3 very fine shots are courtesy of Panama Jack, check out more in this thread on our Forums.

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    Tim Clarke Interview

    Submitted by: Rampage @ 09:23 PM | Sunday, March 11, 2001 | (url: )

    After initially sending out an email introducing himself, Tim Clarke hooked up with TribesCenter for an interview. The interview discusses his role in the music production of Tribes 2. Check it out here.

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    Tonight on TsN!

    Submitted by: Imposter @ 07:31 PM | Sunday, March 11, 2001 | (url: )

    Tonight on TsN catch a Quadruple header as the shoutcast crew brings you a 50/50 split of Base and Renegades! Here's the linup:


  • ASK vs. SES at 9:00pm EST covered byColdshot
  • ACE vs. Sb at 9:00pm EST covered by GoldFox

  • {MC} vs. @SCS at 9:00pm est covered byHypn0tik
  • [e] vs FotP at 9:30pm est covered byCavalier

    Good to see that TsN swings both ways. Stop by the TsN website or #tsn on for more information.

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  • Maintaining a Fan Site

    Submitted by: Rampage @ 06:19 PM | Sunday, March 11, 2001 | (url: )

    TribesCenter has an article up discussing the difficulties and rewards of maintaining a Tribes fan site. The article has pieces from the TribesCenter staff themselves, as well as comments from our own Imposter and Rifter from Planet Starsiege. You can check out the article here.

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    Tribes 2 Open Bar Recording

    Submitted by: Imposter @ 05:59 PM | Sunday, March 11, 2001 | (url: )

    Last Friday Pubknight and others had a very lengthy discussion about..well about everything in Tribes 2 on his Open bar on TsN. You can now catch the recording, at a very healthy 42MBs, over at their downloads page.

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    The "Claw" Game Controller Review

    Submitted by: Bacchus @ 11:27 AM | Sunday, March 11, 2001 | (url: )

    Some of you may have already heard about this, but if not - then dash over to Planet Starsiege and check out their review. JeKill has written up a pretty thorough review on what is reputed to be the "ultimate 3D action controller." Check out their article here and you be the judge.

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    Tribes 2 Soundtrack

    Submitted by: Rampage @ 10:58 AM | Sunday, March 11, 2001 | (url: )

    Tim Clarke, composer of most of the music involved with Tribes 2, sent these facts in regarding the work he did with T2:

    Hi! Since there has been so much confusion and misinformation surrounding
    the Tribes 2 soundtrack, I thought that I'd introduce myself and let you in
    on the facts about the soundtrack:

    --My name is Tim Clarke, and my company is Score! Music & Sound Design, Inc.

    --I've been involved in the Tribes 2 project since the beginning, and have
    composed all of the in-game music. I also have written music for most of
    the teaser videos, game intro, and other marketing videos.

    --The music has been met with tremendous enthusiasm, and will soon be
    available for sale as an audio CD from the Tribes 2 website. It is
    available also from Best Buy, as part of a pre-sale incentive.

    --The music of Motley Crue is not a part of Tribes 2. The Crue has had
    nothing to do with this game, despite early press releases. I don't know
    any of the particulars, other than it just didn't work out.

    --I worked most closely with Dave Georgeson (producer) and Blake Hutchins
    (writer) during the creation of the soundtrack.

    --The music is a mixture of industrial metal, electronica, ambient, and
    ethnic. A live drummer and guitarist were used on all tracks, in addition
    to lots of synths and processed samples. The music is quite evocative, and
    each track was composed for a specific Tribes 2 world.

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