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The Humble Indie Bundle

Submitted by: NeutralX2 @ 07:31 PM | Wednesday, May 5, 2010 | (url: http://www.wolfir...)

Wolfire is running a charity-driven pay-what-you-want deal for a bundle of Indie Games. The games, which support PC, Mac, & Linux are: World of Goo, Aquaria, Lugaru HD, & Penumbra: Overture. Act soon though, it ends on May 11th.


The Humble Indie Bundle is a unique kind of bundle that we are trying out.

Pay what you want. If you bought these five games separately, it would cost around $80 but were letting you set the price!

All of the games work great on Mac, Windows, and Linux. We didnt want to leave anyone out.

There is no middle-man. You can rest assured that 100% of your purchase goes directly to the developers and non-profits as you specify (minus credit card fees).

We dont use DRM. When you buy these games, they are yours. Feel free to play them without an internet connection, back them up, and install them on all of your Macs and PCs freely.

Your contribution supports the amazing Childs Play charity and Electronic Frontier Foundation. By default, the amount is split equally between the seven participants (including Childs Play and EFF), but you can tweak the split any way youd like.

Dood wins $1,000,000.00 for throwing a virtual perfect game.

Submitted by: Ezlpo @ 07:09 PM | Wednesday, May 5, 2010 | (url: http://www.joysti...)

When 24-year-old Wade McGilberry of Semmes, Alabama was less than 24 years old, his friends and loved ones probably gave him a hard time about his penchant for virtual baseball. "Wade," they would say, "why don't you go play real baseball? Heck, with a name like 'Wade McGilberry,' you're already well on your way to the MLB Hall of Fame." Little do they know, Wade wasn't just wasting his time. He was training.

On the very first day of the MLB 2K10 Perfect Game Competition, McGilberry managed to take down 27 in-game hitters without letting one of them place their cleated toe upon first base. For this accomplishment, McGilberry won the competition and its $1,000,000 prize, reaffirming his decision to skip all of his high school formal dances to put a few more hours into Ken Griffey, Jr.'s Slugfest. A wise decision indeed, sir.

Starcraft 2 in Stores July 27th, Diablo III Coming in 2011

Submitted by: Icey @ 09:48 AM | Tuesday, May 4, 2010 | (url: http://videogames...)

A dozen years after changing the face of strategy gaming, the much-anticipated sequel to StarCraft has finally been dated.

Blizzard announced Monday that StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty would be hitting stores worldwide on July 27 of this year.

"We've been looking forward to revisiting the StarCraft universe for many years, and we're excited that the time for that is almost here," said Mike Morhaime, Blizzard CEO and cofounder.

"Thanks to our beta testers, we're making great progress on the final stages of development, and we'll be ready to welcome players all over the world to StarCraft II and the new in just a few months."

It's big news for gamers, who have made no secret of their desire to get their hands on it. Keys granting access to the sequel's beta-test phase were such a hot ticket, they eventually hit auction sites like eBay for a good $300 a pop.

But it's also big news for Activision-Blizzard. Most expected the game to ship closer to the lucrative holiday period rather than the typically slow summer months. By releasing the game at the end of July, the company has ensured very little competition from similar brands. And that could mean some seriously monster sales.

The game's standard edition will retail for $59.99, though die-hard fans can plunk down $99 for a Collector's Edition that includes an artbook, soundtrack, behind-the-scene DVD and a flash drive containing the entire original StarCraft along with its expansion, Brood War.

Big numbers are certainly nothing new to StarCraft: according to Blizzard, the original has sold over 11 million units worldwide. The game has become a national pastime in Korea, proving popular enough to have spawned two television stations dedicated to showing competitive play.

Blizzard is also working on Diablo III, the third game in their hit role-playing series. It's currently planned for release in 2011.

Confessions of a Wall St. Nihilist

Submitted by: RunningWolf @ 06:08 PM | Thursday, April 29, 2010 | (url: http://exiledonli...)

There was a strange moment last week during President Obamas speech at Cooper Union. There he was, groveling before a cast of Wall Street villains including Goldman Sachs chief Lloyd Blankfein, begging them to Look into your heart! like John Turturros character in Millers Crossingwhen out of the blue, the POTUS dropped this bombshell: "The only people who ought to fear the kind of oversight and transparency that were proposing are those whose conduct will fail this scrutiny.

The Big Secret, of course, is that every living creature within a 100-mile radius of Cooper Union would fail this scrutinyor that scrutiny, or any scrutiny, period. Not just in a 100-mile radius, but wherever there are still signs of economic life beating in these 50 United States, the mere whiff of scrutiny would work like nerve gas on whats left of the economy. Because in the 21st century, fraud is as American as baseball, apple pie and Chevrolet Voltsfrauds all we got left, Doc. Scare off the fraud with Obamas scrutiny, and the entire pyramid scheme collapses in a heap of smoldering savings accounts.

IT the clown hirable for children's birthdays

Submitted by: Goshin @ 09:48 AM | Thursday, April 22, 2010 | (url: http://www.metro....)


Dominic Deville stalks young victims for a week, sending chilling texts, making prank phone calls and setting traps in letterboxes.

He posts notes warning children they are being watched, telling them they will be attacked.

But Deville is not an escaped lunatic or some demonic monster.

He is a birthday treat, hired by mum and dad, and the attack involves being splatted in the face with a cake.

The child feels more and more that it is being pursued, said Deville.

The clowns one and only aim is to smash a cake into the face of his victim, when they least expect it, during the course of seven days.

If the boy or girl manages to avoid the hit, they are given the cake as a birthday present. Well, thats alright then.

what a fantastic idea
i might do this for one of my grown friend's birthdays

if they did this in america :(

US government finally admits most piracy estimates are bogus

Submitted by: SINep @ 02:27 AM | Saturday, April 17, 2010 | (url: http://arstechnic...)

We've all seen the studies trumpeting massive losses to the US economy from piracy. One famous figure, used literally for decades by rightsholders and the government, said that 750,000 jobs and up to $250 billion a year could be lost in the US economy thanks to IP infringement. A couple years ago, we thoroughly debunked that figure. For years, Business Software Alliance reports on software piracy assumed that each illicit copy was a lost sale. And the MPAA's own commissioned study on movie piracy turned out to overstate collegiate downloading by a factor of three.

Can we trust any of these claims about piracy?

The US doesn't think so. In a new report out yesterday, the government's own internal watchdog took a close look at "efforts to quantify the economic effects of counterfeit and pirated goods." After examining all the data and consulting with numerous experts inside and outside of government, the Government Accountability Office concluded (PDF) that it is "difficult, if not impossible, to quantify the economy-wide impacts."

More specific studies that focus only on single industries don't fare much better because "the illicit nature of counterfeiting and piracy makes estimating the economic impact of IP infringements extremely difficult." And when it comes time to choose a substitution rate (how much of the infringing activity should be counted as a lost sale), we're left only with "assumptions... which can have enormous impacts on the resulting estimates."

The GAO then went on to slam three particular reports often linked to the government. They're all commonly cited, they're all bogus, and at least one is still being used officially.

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RIAA, MPAA would like to scan your hard drive for infringing content

Submitted by: Ezlpo @ 02:01 AM | Saturday, April 17, 2010 | (url: http://www.crunch...)

I dont get it either, mister, but privacy be damned.

Malware supported by the RIAA and MPAA. They will do ANYTHING other than change their antiquated business model or reduce the inflated price of their product.

via Toms Guide

Remember the lesbo teen that wanted to go to prom? The school faked one for her.

Submitted by: jh253lk2h5 @ 06:32 PM | Tuesday, April 6, 2010 | (url:

Constance McMillen, Mississippi teen, recently caused an uproar by wanting to bring her girlfriend, a lesbian, to the prom. Well, after much legal ballyhoo, the school district caved and invited her to prom. Turns out, though, it mighta been fake.

Well, if it wasn't fake, it was the worst attended prom since the year after Carrie White totally PMSed all over everyone. Basically the school district canceled the prom when everyone got upset about a gay person being gay at it, but then a little bit later after much international scrutiny and ACLU lawsuit stuff the school district's attorney announced that a parent-sponsored prom was being held and invited McMillen. Constance, her girlfriend, and seven other kids were the only ones to show up to the event.

The real trouble is that there's rumored to have been another prom held that night at a different location, one that, word has it, the parents were fully aware of, and the school district helped plan. So, basically a bunch of grownups may have staged an elaborate ruse so the gay girl and her gay lesbian girlfriend and all their totally homo friends could stand around one place looking like chumps, while the real teens did real things like give birth in the bathroom and rape each other in limos at their own very special real prom. Terrifically done, everyone!

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Less than a day on the streets and the Apple iPad has been jailbroken

Submitted by: jh253lk2h5 @ 04:38 PM | Sunday, April 4, 2010 | (url: http://www.engadg...)

You better believe it when notorious iPhone jailbreaker MuscleNerd -- a well-respected member of the iPhone Dev-Team -- declares root access on an iPad. According to this fella's tweets, this new hack is a port of Comex's "Spirit" jailbreak that exploits a bug found on both iPhone OS 3.1.3 and the iPad's 3.2. No downloads are offered right at this moment, but it shouldn't be long before we can throw in all sorts of wild apps and widgets as we wish.

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Nintendo to unveil 3-D gaming console

Submitted by: HeLLrAiSr @ 12:39 AM | Wednesday, March 24, 2010 | (url:

The 3-D entertainment craze continues to spread to video games. Nintendo announced Tuesday it will introduce a handheld console that plays games in 3-D without the use of special glasses.

The handheld device will be called the 3DS, succeeding Nintendo's DS series of portable gaming consoles. A brief press release issued by Nintendo did not specifically state how the 3-D effect would work on the device.

The console won't go on sale until June at the earliest. Nintendo said it will announce more details at the E3 trade show, to be held June 15-17 in Los Angeles, California.

Tuesday's announcement marks a new direction for the Japanese-based company, which had previously been dismissive of 3-D gaming. Earlier this year, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said, ''I have doubts whether people will be wearing glasses to play games at home. How is that going to look to other people?"

The new 3DS device is expected to be backwards compatible, allowing it to play DS and DSi games. The 3DS name itself is a temporary name until the official name is revealed at the E3 convention.

Gaming blogs were buzzing Tuesday with speculation about how Nintendo will achieve the 3-D affect without specialized glasses.

Kotaku suggests that it may work similarly to a Japan-only game called "3D Hidden Puzzle," which uses the DSi's camera to track the movement of the player and adjust the image accordingly to make it appear 3-D.
Nintendo said the 3DS will go on sale before the company's next fiscal year ends, on March 31, 2011.

Earlier this year, Sony announced a software improvement that will allow 3-D gaming on its PlayStation 3 console. And some game developers are working on techniques to show their games in 3-D on Microsoft's Xbox 360 device and on PCs. All those systems will require the use of special glasses to achieve the 3-D effect.

YouTube becomes a TV station tomorrow

Submitted by: Gil @ 11:32 PM | Thursday, March 11, 2010 | (url:

yt's gonna stream Cricket games from India.

March 12, 2010 - 12:02PM
YouTube's first major move away from being a video-sharing site and towards an online TV destination begins early tomorrow morning when it begins streaming free live Indian Premier Cricket League matches.

The Google-owned YouTube yesterday unveiled eight sponsors, half of which are global brand names. HSBC, Hewlett Packard, Coca Cola, Samsung, Indian mobile phone company, Airtel, Honda motorcycles, an Indian university, and one of the teams, the Bangalore-based Royal Challenger team were named as sponsors of the initial 56 matches of this season.

YouTube does not disclose the dollar size of the sponsorship packages but interviews with executives have indicated that because this initiative is a new one they are not asking advertisers to pay over the odds.

At least 32, 30-second ads will appear during the play in each match watched live or on demand later.

The cricket deal is part of YouTube's ambition to become a destination for internet users as a place not just to upload content but watch it, in the form of movies, sport and concerts, said Leigh Terry managing partner of media buyers OMD.

"Rather than just going to YouTube and searching for a video they hope to become a destination much like a portal where people can go for a variety of content, not just sports," he said

"I have a feeling that this is just going to be the first [of others] to come."

Mr Terry said that while YouTube's success at attracting audiences was not in doubt - an estimated 36 million videos are watched by Australians each month - it had struggled to gain advertising dollars. "The audience hasn't been the problem, it's the quality and the exclusivity of the content," he said, adding that initiatives such as this addressed that.

Curt Schilling's All-Star Role-Playing Game Has A Publisher And A Mystery Title

Submitted by: Ezlpo @ 06:27 PM | Tuesday, March 9, 2010 | (url:

Call it Project Mercury, and as of March 9th, call it an EA game. The epic role-playing game that won't confirmed! be called The Adventures of Curt Schilling has a home and a whole lot of mystery around it.

Tribalwar Steam/PSN/XBL/Wii ID Repository created.

Submitted by: Gundam @ 07:55 PM | Saturday, February 27, 2010 | (url:

Help fill the database. :)

Cuban Doctors Helped Haiti Majorly, noone cared

Submitted by: Goshin @ 12:57 PM | Tuesday, February 16, 2010 | (url:

Among the many donor nations helping Haiti, Cuba and its medical teams have played a major role in treating earthquake victims.

Public health experts say the Cubans were the first to set up medical facilities among the debris and to revamp hospitals immediately after the earthquake struck.

However, their pivotal work in the health sector has received scant media coverage.

During a visit to La Paz hospital in the Haitian capital Port-au-Prince, Dr Mirta Roses, the director of the Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO) which is in charge of medical coordination between the Cuban doctors, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and a host of health sector NGOs, described the aid provided by Cuban doctors as "excellent and marvellous".

La Paz is one of five hospitals in Haiti that is largely staffed by health professionals from Havana.

western media is fucking ridiculous
also, we should probably end the cuban embargo, start up trade, and let americans go vacation there woo woo!

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Afghan Taliban Military Leader Captured

Submitted by: Goshin @ 11:23 AM | Tuesday, February 16, 2010 | (url:

owned, turrists

Mullah Abdul Ghani Brader, a senior Taliban military commander, has been captured in Karachi, Pakistan's largest city, US media has reported.

According to The New York Times, Mullah Brader, the Afghan Taliban's number two, was captured in a secret raid by US and Pakistani intelligence forces several days ago.

Citing US government officials, the newspaper said Mullah Brader had been in Pakistani custody for several days and was being interrogated by US and Pakistani agents.

The New York Times described him as the most significant Taliban figure captured since the start of the Afghanistan war.
Mullah Brader is believed to have been in day-to-day command of the group's leadership council, the so-called Quetta Shura, ever since the group's founder and leader, Mullah Mohammed Omar, disappeared from view in the aftermath of September 11 attacks in 2001.