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Battery free wireless devices are coming

Submitted by: Goshin @ 10:23 AM | Wednesday, August 14, 2013 | (url: http://www.washin...)

The new communication technique, which the researchers call ambient backscatter, takes advantage of the TV and cellular transmissions that already surround us around the clock. Two devices communicate with each other by reflecting the existing signals to exchange information. The researchers built small, battery-free devices with antennas that can detect, harness and reflect a TV signal, which then is picked up by other similar devices.

The technology could enable a network of devices and sensors to communicate with no power source or human attention needed.

Smart sensors could be built and placed permanently inside nearly any structure, then set to communicate with each other. For example, sensors placed in a bridge could monitor the health of the concrete and steel, then send an alert if one of the sensors picks up a hairline crack. The technology can also be used for communication text messages and emails, for example in wearable devices, without requiring battery consumption.

Its also feasible to build this technology into devices that do rely on batteries, such as smartphones. It could be configured so that when the battery dies, the phone could still send text messages by leveraging power from an ambient TV signal.

The applications are endless, the researchers say, and they plan to continue advancing the capacity and range of the ambient backscatter communication network.

i cant wait for a battery breakthrough though this is a pretty cool side step.

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things are looking up for america

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Low-level, non-violent drug offenders will no longer face tough mandatory sentences under new guidelines proposed on Monday by attorney-general Eric Holder in a bid to reduce prison overcrowding.
Mr Holder also announced new measures to encourage earlier release of elderly prisoners in federal jails and will encourage federal prosecutors to avoid prosecuting certain cases in federal courts.

Too many Americans go to too many prisons for far too long and for no good law enforcement reason, Mr Holder said in a speech in San Francisco. We cannot simply prosecute or incarcerate our way to becoming a safer nation.

The proposals are designed both to address the chronic overcrowding in many of the countrys federal prisons and also to rein in the use of mandatory minimum sentences, which have become one of the most politically controversial aspects of Washingtons decades-long war on drugs. Around half of the nearly 200,000 people in federal jails have been convicted of drug-related offences.

They also come at a time when Congress is looking to address the mandatory minimum sentences which had been popular when introduced in the 1980s and 1990s but which now have opponents in both parties. The drop in violent crime and pressure on budgets have dented the fear of some politicians of being accused of being soft on crime.

In his speech to the American Bar Association, Mr Holder said that inflexible sentences, regardless of the actual facts of the case, reduce the discretion available both to prosecutors and judges. They breed disrespect for the system. When applied indiscriminately, they do not serve public safety, he was to say.

He will instruct federal prosecutors that in the cases of non-violent drug offenders with no ties to gangs or organised crime, they should be charged with offences better suited to their individual conduct, rather than excessive prison terms more appropriate for violent criminals or drug kingpins.

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Buy your dog something they'll like

Submitted by: Goshin @ 05:55 PM | Monday, August 12, 2013 | (url: http://www.psycho...)

apparently all those reds and greens and such colored toys are no good for doggies

In other words, dogs see the colors of the world as basically yellow, blue and gray. They see the colors green, yellow and orange as yellowish, and they see violet and blue as blue. Blue-green is seen as a gray. You can see what the spectrum looks like to people and dogs below.


This means that that bright red dog toy that is so visible to you may often be difficult for your dog to see. That means that when your own pet version of Lassie runs right past the toy that you tossed she may not be stubborn or stupid. It may be your fault for choosing a toy with a color that is hard to discriminate from the green grass of your lawn.

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ladies and gentlemen

Submitted by: Goshin @ 03:58 PM | Friday, August 9, 2013 | (url: http://fortydayso...)

this is a pretty awesome blog
Two friends agree to see each other for 40 days, and write about each day from their own perspectives
they've released up through day 30 and it's fascinating how someone tries to come off, and how they are interpreted.

I recommend reading the whole thing bottom to top, was a lot of fun

thanks nerds

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New nutrient smoothie to replace eating

Submitted by: Goshin @ 04:17 PM | Thursday, August 8, 2013 | (url: http://www.vice.c...)

This guy had crowd funded his company, now has a million in sales. Smoothie that replaces food. He has been using it for 7 months to replace 90% of his meals, and runs daily.

Hopes this allows the world to overcome starvation and the strain we put on the earth to try and feed everyone. Tastes better, texture is better, and looks better than the initial prototype he was eating for the crowd funding.

What do you think of the nutrition world in general?
People are inundated with terrible, conflicting advice. Nutrition is unfortunately a field where everyone thinks they're an expert. I am not, and I don't need to be. My goal is to provide the nutritional recommendations already developed by the IOM, WHO, and our board of nutritionists as efficiently and effectively as possible. That is an engineering problem.

Sounds pretty wild. What's next for the smoothie that Gawker said "looks just like semen"?
I see Soylent as a ubiquitous, practical, day-to-day meal that provides most of our nutrition. However, I also see people engineering new recreational foods and making novel foods more beautiful and flavorful than anything we get from nature, thus reducing the burden we place on the environment. I see a difference between "eating" and "dining," and both will be improved with science.

I've always said i'd like to take pills rather than make breakfast and lunch

looks like i can just drink a smoothie, neat :D

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Dr. Gupta of CNN changes stance on Marijuana

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Long before I began this project, I had steadily reviewed the scientific literature on medical marijuana from the United States and thought it was fairly unimpressive. Reading these papers five years ago, it was hard to make a case for medicinal marijuana. I even wrote about this in a TIME magazine article, back in 2009, titled "Why I would Vote No on Pot."
Well, I am here to apologize.
I apologize because I didn't look hard enough, until now. I didn't look far enough. I didn't review papers from smaller labs in other countries doing some remarkable research, and I was too dismissive of the loud chorus of legitimate patients whose symptoms improved on cannabis.
Instead, I lumped them with the high-visibility malingerers, just looking to get high. I mistakenly believed the Drug Enforcement Agency listed marijuana as a schedule 1 substance because of sound scientific proof.

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Submitted by: Goshin @ 02:40 PM | Saturday, July 27, 2013 | (url: http://www.examin...)

hey nerds

if you havent heard of this place yet, try it out

you can get prescription glasses for 8 freakin bux (plus 5 dollar shipping)

go to the eye doc, get your prescription, ask them to write your PD (pupil distance) on the paper, and go here
takes 7-14 days for shipping but hell, you can buy like a bunch
highest pricing looks to be around 50
comes with anti scratch coating and you can add all sorts of other shit too
real cool bros

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Activision buys itself back from Vivendi

Submitted by: Got Haggis? @ 08:40 AM | Friday, July 26, 2013 | (url: http://www.joysti...)

"Activision Blizzard has reached a deal to buy itself back from Vivendi for over $8 billion. After the split, Activision Blizzard will be an independent company again, with a majority of its shares owned by the public. Bobby Kotick will remain CEO, with Brian Kelly as Chairman. Financially troubled French conglomerate Vivendi is out...well, not totally out, it still retains 83 million shares or about 12 percent of the company."

VUG ruined Tribes.

Interview with Jeff Tunnell about Tribes, Torque and other stuff

Submitted by: Got Haggis? @ 08:15 AM | Monday, July 22, 2013 | (url: http://www.youtub...)

YouTube interview with Jeff Tunnell of Dynamix/Garage Games fame. Topics covered include Tribes, the Torque Game Engine, Indie games, why Microsoft shot itself in the foot with Xbone, and some "tough love" advice for aspiring game developers.

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soon your smartphone could be powered by pee

Submitted by: narmF @ 05:10 PM | Wednesday, July 17, 2013 | (url:

that's right! just piss on your phone (we already know you've dropped it in the urinal) to juice it up for the day.

Plugging your phone into the main is for suckers. What you really need is one of a new breed of microbial fuel cells to drive your phoneso you can power it with pee.

A team of researchers from the University of the West of England, UK, have developed the new, small microbial fuel cell (MFC) which can turn organic matterin this particular case, that happens to be your peeinto electricity.

To do that, the fuel cells are filled with special bacteria which chow down on the chemicals in the urine to fuel their own metabolic processesin turn producing electrons, which are stored by the cell and used to provide power. Dr Ioannis Ieropoulos explained to the Independent:

The beauty of this fuel source is that we are not relying on the erratic nature of the wind or the sun; we are actually reusing waste to create energy. One product that we can be sure of an unending supply is our own urine.

Amazingly, the cell can create enough power to charge a smartphoneat least a little. One, um, "session" of charging provides enough power for a phone call. But hey, that's a great start, and over time the hope is to shrink the cells down and produce them for less than $1which should make them ideal for use in developing countries. And, you know, people who pee a lot.

Interesting story from Vanity Fair on the story behind the lawsuit-filled breakup of

Submitted by: Got Haggis? @ 10:39 AM | Tuesday, June 18, 2013 | (url: http://www.vanity...)

"The video-game industry is currently waiting with bated breath for the release of Titanfall, the new sci-fi shoot-em-up project from developers Vincent Zampella and Jason West. The game, which will be the talk of this weeks Electronic Entertainment Expo, is expected to be bigZampella and West are best known for their multi-billion dollar game series, Call of Duty. But the real-life battle between the pair and their former employers, Call of Duty publisher Activision Blizzard, is turning out to be nearly as vicious as the on-screen fights Zampella and West are so good at rendering realistic."

TitanFall - Respawn Entertainments (ex-Infinity Ward) new game

Submitted by: Got Haggis? @ 09:30 AM | Thursday, June 6, 2013 | (url: http://www.neogaf...)

TitanFall is the new game from Respawn Entertaiment, which is made up of ex Infinity Ward develoeprs (CoD) - this was the studio that was created by just about all of IW leaving Activision (and then Activision sueing them and EA)

It is developed in the Source Engine and is coming out for Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC only. Outsourcing Xbox 360 development.

Sounds interesting

- Spring 2014 Release Date
- There are a good amount of screens. In my opinion it visually looks pretty nice.
- First person shooter
- "Mech" and ground combat
- "Mech's" are called Titans.
- They want these Titans to feel fast. They can dodge etc.
- If you don't want to pilot the Titan you can have it follow you, killing people as it goes along.
- Player characters are called Pilots
- They are extremely agile. Can run on walls, multiple jumps.
- They can take down Titans. Jumping on them and shooting the "brain".
- You need to be cunning as a pilot. "Hit and fade" tactics is the term the game director uses.
- Pilots come equipped with a variety of weapons. Pistol, Assault Rifle, Anti-Titan Rocket Launcher, data knife used to hack AI characters into joining you.
- There are AI enemies on the maps.


Submitted by: ZooL @ 03:17 PM | Tuesday, June 4, 2013 | (url: http://www.examin...)

Returning citizens in the DC metro area react to a U.S. Supreme Court ruling released Monday that allows law enforcement to collect DNA samples from anyone arrested and without a search warrant.

Generally, law enforcement is allowed to collect DNA, but only after he/she has been convicted for an offense. Presently, 28 states and the federal government take DNA swabs after arrests. Those justices that agreed with the ruling made clear to stress that this applies to "serious crimes." Also, police have to bring the suspect to the station to be detained in custody.


Deus Ex: The Fall

Submitted by: Got Haggis? @ 08:24 AM | Tuesday, June 4, 2013 | (url: http://www.youtub...)

Teaser announcement for Deus Ex: The Fall - looks like more details to be announced June 5th.

U.S.A one step closer to One world Government.

Submitted by: ZooL @ 05:15 PM | Monday, June 3, 2013 | (url: http://www.foxnew...)

As foreigners tell our leaders what to do and they happily comply...

Secretary of State John Kerry said Monday that the Obama administration would sign a controversial U.N. treaty on arms regulation, despite bipartisan resistance in Congress from members concerned it could lead to new gun control measures in the U.S.

Kerry, releasing a written statement as the U.N. treaty opened for signature Monday, said the U.S. "welcomes" the next phase for the treaty, which the U.N. General Assembly approved on April 2.

"We look forward to signing it as soon as the process of conforming the official translations is completed satisfactorily," he said. Kerry called the treaty "an important contribution to efforts to stem the illicit trade in conventional weapons, which fuels conflict, empowers violent extremists, and contributes to violations of human rights."

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