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1 - 05-13-2006, 16:16
I know no one looks at this board, but I don't want to be like every other **** on TW and post in GD just beause I think a few people might care.

Anyway, I found two Sanguine Rose staves just laying on the front porch of Cloud Ruler Temple. It was pretty ****ing strange, especially since it would summon a storm atronach to attack me. :P Apparently it's a quest reward, but it shouldn't just be laying on the steps.

Anyone else ever run into this oddity?
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2 - 05-13-2006, 17:35
i got that rose staff for helping Sheograth....but its strage as **** that you found them at the foot of cloud temple. ask google?
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3 - 05-14-2006, 10:18
i got it too, forget where

i think it summons random **** around the target, which then picks something to attack. if you're pretty close, it usually attacks you

if you can get far away and use it it's pretty useful. sometimes it summons a xivlai which then summons a clannfear and they just hulk smash everything
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Hurricane Harold
4 - 05-14-2006, 21:19
You get it from Sanguine, not Sheograth (same voice actor/style for both daedra, though).

Any odd mods installed, maybe?
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5 - 05-15-2006, 14:18
Could be, I think the strangest part was that one of the staves was about 20x the size it should have been. I walked up to finish a quest and one normal sized staff and a gigantic one were sitting there. :P
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